Friday, November 28, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a....

Elbow? Knee? Foot? Maybe it's his butt!

As the days go by and Aidyn continues growing in his small quarters that he's been given, we are beginning to be able to notice body parts bulging out to one side or the other. We haven't been able to identify what they are yet, but he clearly is running out of room. Some times I'll be able to feel a rounded bony "part" trying to push out to one side or another, so we've been playing a lot of "Name that Body Part" here lately.

Instead of just feeling him now, we can see, and Ben get's a good laugh out of that. For some reason he finds it halarious to watch Aidyn twist and turn. Although he's actually just seeing one bulge move from the right side to the left. :) I don't always find it as funny as he does.

Friends have told me that eventually I may be able to see an "imprint" on my belly of what I'm actually feeling, a foot or hand. So when he decides to practice his gymnastics, Ben and I will watch, but nothing definite yet. I've been told I have to take a picture when that day comes... we'll see.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Aidyn's Room

Here is the best picture of me I could get for now. Hope it's ok. This was taken this afternoon... 31 weeks pregnant.

My mom very graciously agreed to paint Aidyn's room for us on Saturday. My dad and Ben were downstairs working on other "projects" and I wanted to help really bad. She let me help tape off the floor boards and window trim, and then I retreated downstairs while she began painting.

In the pictures you'll see the original room color, a light blue, that matched our guest bedding. We've decided to do the bottom half a navy color and the top a khaki to match the sports-themed bedding we chose for the crib. We'll need to do one more coat of the navy and then hopefully just one coat of the khaki on top. We had to move the bed and dresser to the center of the room to paint, but you can kinda see it in these pictures.

We are planning on using the second color on the right that you see above the navy.

As we get more accomplished in Aidyn's room, I'll be sure to take more pictures. Only 9 weeks left (if we're lucky) to get everything ready!

Promised Pictures

Here are a few pictures of our "work day" accomplishments.

My chalkboard in the kitchen that I bought from Tuesday Morning. I love it! Although my turkey looks a little stupid...oh well.

My coat rack and message board by the back door.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Evely Work Day

Today was a very productive day at the Evely household. Ben gave his guys (basketball) the day off, and my parents came over for a "work day". The original plan was for my mom and I to plant flower bulbs and my dad was going to help Ben get some things done around the house that we still haven't finished. Well, since it was like 20 degrees and snow still in my yard, we didn't quite make it to planting bulbs. I have a variety of almost 200 bulbs, if not more, to get planted before it's too late. It may be too late. :(
We did, however, get A LOT done! We were able to fix a leaking toilet, put winter weather stripping around all of our doors (no more heat escaping), screw in the dishwasher so it doesn't lean out of the cabinet when opened, hang my chalkboard in the kitchen, hang a coat rack in the laundry room as you come in the back door, and what I call a "message board" also by the back door. AND, my mom was able to get the first coat of paint done in the baby's room.
Evidently several people have asked that I put a pregnant picture or two on here, so we were going to today before my mom left. Unfortunately, we both fell asleep on the couch while my dad watched football. (Ben had left for a basketball game). I'll try to get some pictures posted soon.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

Well, I passed my 1-hour glucose screening test. (Much to my surprise). I had to drink that wonderful "fruit punch" flavored junk in just 5 minutes and then wait an hour without anything to eat or drink. I thought I was going to die, ha. Even though the papers said "DO NOT eat or drink anything until your appointment with the doctor", I had to do something to get the nasty taste out of my mouth. I followed the wonderful drink with 2 whole goldfish and a sip of water. Didn't figure that could do much harm - luckily it didn't.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love chocolate. I had been trying to watch my sugar intake for the several days before my test, so after leaving the doctor's office I felt like celebrating. I drove through Pal's and got a yummy, delicious, vanilla milkshake. And boy was it good! Unfortunately, Ben didn't know and so that evening when he asked if I wanted to get an ice cream, I couldn't turn him down. So I had a Reese Cup blast from Sonic. Mmmm!!!!

So I may have passed the glucose test, but now our little man was probably in a diabetic coma of his own. Within about 8 hours "we" had consumed 8 oz of pure fruit punch flavored sugar, a Pal's milkshake, and a Sonic blast.

A "normal" sugar level is 70-140. My count was 131, which I consider more on the high end. Luckily, the doctor doesn't. But, I am still trying to keep an eye on my sugar intake for now.

My sympathies go out to anyone that ever has to drink that stuff... especially more than 8 oz. My suggestion: "chug" it as fast as you can so that you don't taste it. I got mine down in 2 gulps.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where are we now?

We are quickly approaching our exciting day - January 30, 2009!

I have just begun my 3rd trimester (29 weeks pregnant) with 11 weeks to go! It seems insane that the time has flown by so quickly. Although, I guess when you don't find out until you're 4 months along, the time does go by fast.

I am constantly feeling our little man moving about within me preparing himself for this big, strange world he will soon be apart of. I haven't been able to distinguish between hands, feet, elbow, etc. as many people tell me I will be, but it is nonetheless a neat experience to just sit and watch my stomach push out and move and to feel him become more and more active.

A "Quick" Catch-Up on our Family

Ben and I got married on Saturday, March 10, 2007. We had discussed starting a family and both decided there were some other things we would like to get accomplished first, such as school. So Ben began working on his master's degree and I worked on getting my first and second years of teaching under my belt.

Last spring, Ben completed his master's and I had successfully survived two years of teaching. He decided to begin his educational leadership specialist's degree and I applied to begin working on my master's degree this past August.

(During all this time, we had been using one of the "most effective" types of birth control - the deprovera shot, which is supposed to be 99.9% effective.) We still weren't quite ready for any children. We had actually just pawned our dog, Macie, off on Ben's parents. :)

In June 08, we were scheduled to take our youth group on a trip to North Myrtle Beach. I had been feeling a little sick, and so Ben suggested I go to the doctor before leaving for our trip. The doctor gave me a prescription for stomach ulcers and sent me on my way. My mother, however, new differently. After talking with her I reluctantly (and secretly) stopped to get a home pregnancy test. Well, mother's do know all. The test read positive in like 2 seconds! Ben was out of town and I was freaking out.

I contacted the doctor and the rest is history. A month later we went for our first ultrasound (August 6, 2008) expecting to see a "blob". Our friends at church, Tim and Sarah, had showed us their 8 week ultrasound and we knew we wouldn't be seeing much. To our surprise, and the doctor's, we saw A LOT more! Evidently, I was almost 16 weeks (4 months) pregnant!

Here is what we saw:

His head is in the top left of the screen looking away from us. You should be able to see his right arm and right hand resting on his knee.

Welcome to our family blog!

Welcome to the Evely family blog!

Some friends of ours have been keeping a blog to keep their friends and family members updated on their new pregnancy. I think it is a WONDERFUL idea; I have been thinking about doing the same. It wasn't until some friends of mine were in town from Nashville that I decided to step up and try this whole "blog" thing. They were showing me a blog of their friends that allowed them to keep up to speed on what has been going on. So, here is my attempt to keep everyone posted on our new family addition and all that excitement yet to come! Hope you enjoy!