Monday, May 31, 2010

A little Updating

Well, now that it's been almost 2 months since I've last blogged (not to mention lots of friendly "reminders") are a few. These new posts are still from the month of March and I haven't even uploaded my newest pictures from April and May. Sooooo.....needless to say, I've got lots of work to get done and caught up!

To those of you that continue to check, thanks for hanging in there. Hopefully I can get back to a routine and up to date blogs.

Happy Memorial Day!

Kicked Out!

Well, Aidyn is now "too old" for youth group. Until a few months ago, Aidyn was able to sit in the youth room with the kids on Sunday nights while Ben taught his lessons. He would run around the room and play, but was not a problem...but not anymore. :(

We were in the youth room one night, Aidyn was running around playing and being loud when Ben said, "Whitney, can you please take him out? I cannot concentrate or remember what I'm saying." we were officially kicked out into the nursery. Aidyn didn't mind, but so the next week I took my camera so that I could get a few pictures of Aidyn playing. This is now our "normal" Sunday evening routine.

Playing at the work bench...

Cooking dinner...

Back to hammering...

Cooking in the microwave...

The oven must've been broken...

Checking out his snacks in the cup...

Eating his goldfish and watching Veggi Tales...

So, every Sunday evening you can find us hanging out in the nursery, eating a snack before dinner and watching either Veggi Tales or the Berstein Bears. And as soon as Ben is done with his lesson, he opens the door to let Aidyn know he's done. Aidyn then continues to run between the two rooms (nursery and youth) and play.

Mr. Heartbreaker

This was our first choice for Aidyn's Easter outfit this year.

We ended up picking out something else, so he wore this to church a few weeks earlier, but I have to say...I believe I like this one best. Isn't he so handsome?

Dare Devil

Aidyn is finally getting better at riding his 4wheeler he got for his birthday. Only, in his confidence, he now is becoming "braver" in his riding positions...

...backwards through the living room. I can definately say that he is "all boy" as someone mentioned to me the other day and definately his father's son. We've got many years of adventures and "risky" games ahead of us. (Thanks, Ben!) What goes around comes around, haha.

Mommy's Boy

Aidyn is definately a "Mommy's Boy". I tried getting a cute picture of us together one morning since that's when he's in his best moods.

Unfortunately, I look goofy and he has that "yucky" paci in his mouth. Argh!


Aidyn loves blueberry muffins for breakfast...

If Ben is home, I usually have to make 2 packs (=12 muffins) and between the 3 of us, they are almost all eaten. Aidyn can usually eat 2 on his own! He is definately a GREAT eater. :)

Cool Dude

Aidyn loves sunglasses. He will wear his when we're outside in the sun, but the minute he's in the shade...they glasses come off. He also likes to wear them inside (his or ours) if he sees them laying around.

Here are a couple of pictures of Aidyn trying to put my glasses on himself after I put them on him one morning.

Wearing Mommy's sunglasses:

Taking the shades off and trying to put them back on all by himself...he wouldn't let anyone help him. He's so independent.

Yaaaay, I got it! See?!?
Doesn't he melt your heart?