Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No More Blogging

It's a sad day in the Evely household, but after MUCH personal deliberation, I've decided not to blog anymore. Due to strange and concering comments, I switched our family blog over to "private" last Spring. After hearing that some friends and family members were having difficulty logging in and accessing it, I switched my blog back to public a few weeks ago.

However, I am once again receiving comments and request to check out other blogs that I find concerning and unnerving. So, even though I haven't blogged in quite a while (with good intentions on doing updates)...I've decided not to update anymore.

A HUGE thanks to those that have followed and continued to check in hopes that there would be updates. Since many of you are friends of mine on Facebook, I look forward to keeping up with you through that service.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photo Shoot w/Mommy

A few pictures I took of Aidyn playing on the back steps...

Don't you just LOVE that facial expression?!?



"Oh no! I totally forgot!"

This picture is one of my favorites EVER!!!

I LOVE that sweet face!

More Wagon Fun

Aidyn playing outside in his wagon...pretending to use the shovel as a spoon and eat from the bucket. He's so silly sometimes.

I also just realized, that I think the last few posts he's had the same clothes on. I'm not sure if these were ALL taken on the same day...or if he just had on a green shirt every day. Hmmm?

PGA, here I come!

I bought Aidyn a golf set at Walmart in April, and he isn't too bad. Rather than putting the balls though, he beats them. So, sometimes he'll get the edge of the ball "just right" and it'll fly across the yard...which he thinks is halarious!

Now, if we can get him to learn the "real way" to golf...maybe we'll have a future golf star on our hands. :)

Crazy Kid

I remember when Aidyn was born, my dad made the comment..."You guys somehow got lucky and converted him to your schedule and loving to sleep." And, he's right. Aidyn (unlike some kids I know) LOVES to nap and go to bed at night. I think something that has helped us is the fact that we try to keep all pacis and his blanket in his bed.

When I bring him down in the mornings, I'll pick him up out of the bed and say, "Throw your blanket in the bed." And he does. Then I'll repeat the same with his paci and he'll throw it in his crib as well and laugh. By keeping his pacis and blanket in the bed, it makes naps and bedtime more "inviting" because he can't wait to get to them. :)

These pictures are from an afternoon that I had to change his diaper and he kept pointing to his bed and wanted in. So, I put him in his bed and let him play for a while. He's crazy, I know. :)

Trail Fun with Mommy

Aidyn and I took a trip to the Linear Trail on day and I was able to get a few pictures of him enjoying the walk. He loves to check out all the other walkers and those on their bikes. There are also several places where he can see geese or ducks on the water.

Back home and playing in the driveway after a fun time at the park.

Like Father, Like Son

My parents found some onesies at Khols (I think) for Aidyn. One of them said, "I'm no cry baby." But...they also found one that Ben should borrow sometime (if only it came in adult size). It says... "I don't like to play, I like to WIN." I couldn't get Aidyn to sit still for a picture, so I had to give him the remote to play with. Ofcourse, then I couldn't see his shirt.

So, after taking the remote away, here's the reaction I got, haha. Oh well.

The saying on his shirt is DEFINATELY the attitude that his daddy has about all games...sports or board games too, haha.

Wagon Fun with Daddy

Last year, our PE teacher at school asked if I'd be interested in a wagon that someone brought in. Ofcourse I was!

I bought it real cheap and "snuck" it home hoping Ben wouldn't be too upset at my purchase. Luckily, he loved it and so does Aidyn! It makes LOTS of noise as it rides down the road, but Aidyn doesn't seem to mind. :)

Toilet Paper Trail

One evening when we were all upstairs, we heard Aidyn making some noise in his bathroom. After checking on him, here's what we found...

Boy, did we ever have a mess on our hands! ha

Outside Fun

During basketball season, and even some now, we decided that Mom would come over every Tuesday for dinner and to hang out since Ben was gone. Once the weather started warming up, all Aidyn wanted to do was play outside. Here are a few pics of him bundled up 0n a late afternoon in March.

Aidyn continues to want to be only concern now during the summer is that there are little black knats EVERYWHERE and they seem to eat Aidyn alive. Ahhh!

Mr. Kazoo

I don't remember where Aidyn got this kazoo, but he's great at playing it.

Only problem is, he "plays" the wrong part, haha. He puts the top in his mouth and hums. The kazoo still makes the same sounds, so I guess it works out. Right? haha

Monday, May 31, 2010

A little Updating

Well, now that it's been almost 2 months since I've last blogged (not to mention lots of friendly "reminders") are a few. These new posts are still from the month of March and I haven't even uploaded my newest pictures from April and May. Sooooo.....needless to say, I've got lots of work to get done and caught up!

To those of you that continue to check, thanks for hanging in there. Hopefully I can get back to a routine and up to date blogs.

Happy Memorial Day!

Kicked Out!

Well, Aidyn is now "too old" for youth group. Until a few months ago, Aidyn was able to sit in the youth room with the kids on Sunday nights while Ben taught his lessons. He would run around the room and play, but was not a problem...but not anymore. :(

We were in the youth room one night, Aidyn was running around playing and being loud when Ben said, "Whitney, can you please take him out? I cannot concentrate or remember what I'm saying." we were officially kicked out into the nursery. Aidyn didn't mind, but so the next week I took my camera so that I could get a few pictures of Aidyn playing. This is now our "normal" Sunday evening routine.

Playing at the work bench...

Cooking dinner...

Back to hammering...

Cooking in the microwave...

The oven must've been broken...

Checking out his snacks in the cup...

Eating his goldfish and watching Veggi Tales...

So, every Sunday evening you can find us hanging out in the nursery, eating a snack before dinner and watching either Veggi Tales or the Berstein Bears. And as soon as Ben is done with his lesson, he opens the door to let Aidyn know he's done. Aidyn then continues to run between the two rooms (nursery and youth) and play.