Sunday, June 28, 2009

Like Father...Like Son

Well, many people have said how much Aidyn looks like Ben. But, he not only has his daddy's looks...he has many other qualities as well.

Such as...
Aidyn loves to nap (with his daddy).

Aidyn loves to be loud and "preach" (like his daddy).

Hopefully, one day Aidyn will also be a good ball player like his daddy as well. :)


At the last church softball game, it was VERY hot oustide. Since it was so hot, I only put a onesie and baseball cap on Aidyn. He was in his stroller just hanging out when one of the girls walked by and started laughing at him. She said he was just "chill'n" with his hat on crooked. When I got up to look, I just laughed...and ofcourse I couldn't resist taking his picture.

Even though this was 3 days before his "official" 5 month birthday, I've used this picture down the side of the blog for his 5 month picture. I just couldn't resist, haha.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Motorcycle "Trip"

Ben's mom kept Aidyn today while he went to his EDs class and I worked in the yard. When I called around 3pm to tell her that I was going to shower and come pick him up, she asked if she could just keep him for dinner. When I said sure and called to tell Ben, he asked if I wanted to ride to Ashville, NC tonight. It's only about a 30-45 min drive from our house.

Ashville is where Ben bought my engagement ring. It needs to be "checked" every 6 months for the insurance policy on it to stay valid. Since it needs to be checked before the end of the month, I said sure. He has been wanting to drive his dads motorcylce for a while, so I figured it was coming. When he got home from class and saw me in my tshirt and boardshorts, Ben said, "Uh...that doesn't look like good motorcycle wear to me."

Looks like I need to go put some jeans on. I am TOTALLY TERRIFIED to ride the motorcycle, but I sucked it up once and had a good we'll try it once more. Last time, we only rode like 20-30 minutes around town. I hope I don't get totally freaked out this time, and I desparately pray that it doesn't rain!

We'll probably go to the mall first to have my ring checked and then grab a bite of dinner before heading back home. Wish us (me) luck! Ahhhhhh!!!!


Well, I survived. I NEVER knew how sore your butt can get from so much vibrating, haha. I won't mind riding to Johnson City (20 min ride) if Ben wants to. However, I told Ben that I WON'T be riding an hour again (one way)! I know I am going to sleep good tonight...I just hope Aidyn does also.

5 Months Old

Aidyn was 5 months old Friday!

At the dr (for his dry skin) they only took his temperature and weighed him. I guess they only do head circumfrence and length for the milestone well check-ups. When we were there 3 weeks ago to check for ear infections, he weighed 15lbs 5oz. Yesterday, Aidyn weighed 16lbs - that's a gain of 11oz in 3 weeks. I guess that's pretty good...but I was hoping he'd be a little more than that. I was thinking that most babies are supposed to gain about an ounce a day...

Sensitive Skin

A week after Aidyn's 4 month check-up, we thought he may be getting an ear infection. I called the dr and took him in the next day to be checked. Luckily, he was NOT dealing with an ear infection. He was just being fussy and had apparently "found" his ears. Weeks later, he no longer fusses like he did...but he has definately found his ears. When he is eating his bottle and becomes super relaxed, he now likes to rub on his ears. He doesn't pull on them like they hurt; he just touches them and rubs them with his fingers.

At that appointment, Aidyn had began getting little red bumps on his tummy and back that would come and go. I asked Dr.Gill and he reassured me that it was just a heat rash. Aidyn will breakout in this rash whenever he's hot outside or hot from being held or playing. He also had a dry, red spot on his left shoulder. Dr.Gill said the spot was just a patch of dry skin and to keep lotion on it.

After a month of following these directions, the "heat rash" was still present. Also, 2 additional dry spots have appeared on Aidyn's back and 1 is beginning to raise up on his tummy. This concerned me and so I called the Peds office on Thursday and made another appointment. I wanted a second opinion from a different doctor...just to be safe.

As it turns out, Dr.Gill was correct the first time. Dr.Taylor assured us that everything is ok with Aidyn. He just has VERY SENSITIVE skin. I'm not too excited about this "diagnosis", but it sure isn't the worse we could've not too bad I guess. Are new instructions are:

Rub a thin layer of Selsen Blue on the dry spots every night. In the mornings, wipe off the Selsen Blue. Replace with a little Hydrocortozone cream and cover that with A&D Ointment (diaper cream). The diaper cream is supposed to "protect" and keep the HC cream on.

We are also rubbing Aidyn down with Aquaphor "lotion" on his tummy and back everynight before he goes to bed and cutting his baths down to only 1 every 2-3 days. Aidyn had a bath Wednesday night. We didn't give him one on Thursday because we wanted to see how his skin looked Friday for the dr. He didn't get one Friday night because we were at a concert. When Aidyn woke up this morning, his tummy looked a lot better already.

I hope we can get the dry spots to clear up, but if sensitive skin is the worse we're dealing with, I can't compain.

Maybe Not

Wouldn't you know that after bragging about Aidyn's wonderful new sleep routine...he has stopped sleeping through the night. I knew I shouldn't have posted anything, haha. Next time, I'll probably wait 2 weeks of a solid pattern before posting. Surely by 2 weeks he'll really be in a routine, compared to 3 or 4 days.

So...forget the post about our "success story". I am glad that I at least said I wasn't sure what our success was based upon. We are continuing with cereal in his bottles and a "bowl" of cereal afterwards as well.

The past 2 nights, Aidyn has gone to bed between 9-10pm and then woken back up to eat around 3am. I feed him and put him back in bed. He then sleeps until 9-10am again. I can't complain about that part though. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


When Aidyn was first born (or even a month or two old) I would get annoyed at people that would say, "What are you doing? How are you feeding him? Where is he sleeping? Mine started sleeping through the night after ___ days/weeks. Are you doing this: _____?"

Not mad or offended, just annoyed. I loved hearing "success stories" and hoped one day I would have one of my own, but at the time I wasn't always so interested, haha. Any new mom that isn't sleeping through the night will totally understand.

But guess what? Now, I do (finally) have my own success story. I am finally able to remember and enjoy what a night of sleep feels like...kinda. :)

On Sunday evening, Aidyn ate his last bottle at 10:00pm. I woke up at 6:15am Monday morning and realized that he never woke me up. I didn't even wake up in the middle of the night. When I realized what time it was, I quickly (and a little panicky) tip-toed into his room to make sure he was still alive and breathing. That was the first time I have done that. The whole way to his room I was thinking, "Please be alive, please be breathing. Please be alive, please be breathing."

When I saw that Aidyn was ok, I went back to bed and didn't wake up until he 8:00am! Yay! I was sooooo excited! He has continued this pattern every night since:

Sunday: Ate at 10pm & Woke up at 8am
Monday: Ate at 9pm & Woke up at 5am to eat, then slept until 9am
Tuesday: Ate at 10:15pm & Slept until 7am
Wednesday: Ate at 9:45pm...hopefully sleeps all night again

The reason I said "kinda" in the earlier paragraph is because he will still wake up at least once on most nights, but all he needs is his pacifier and he is back asleep within about 30 seconds. There is a BIG difference in his waking up still tired cry and his hungry, feed me cry. But being up about 4 mintues doesn't really phase me.

I prefer Aidyn to be on a 7-10-1-4 eating schedule. It works well with our day's activities and dinner schedule. And, the later he eats and goes to bed, the later he sleeps in. :) I hate admitting that...but every honest parent would admit that it's true how valuable sleep becomes.

I am not sure what our "success story" is. We have been feeding Aidyn spoon-fed cereal with each feeding during the day (with the exception of his first morning and last evening bottles) since Saturday. I am trying to get him used to eating more solids and starting on vegetables since he will need to start these things when he goes to school. I want to introduce this new "skill" and not leave it up to the CCLC workers.

So, I am not sure if the cereal has had any effect or if it was just "his time". I've had many people suggest cereal and many more claim that the cereal is the magic key that helps babies sleep. Since he was not sleeping through the night at 4 months, the drs assured us that Aidyn was waking up because he wasn't getting enough to eat during the day and was still hungry. We added cereal to his bottles (to thicken and help with reflux) and I assumed that would help. When there was no difference in sleep patterns after a few weeks, I decided to add cereal to each feeding. Not sure if it's the reason...but nonetheless, I'm glad I did.

Aidyn ate at 9:45pm tonight and was asleep by 10pm...hopefully our new "routine" will continue and become permanent.

In a Better Place

When Aidyn was 2 months old, he got to meet my Great-grandfather - Papaw Roberts. As Papaw held Aidyn and talked to him, he just listened and carefully studied Papaw. It was very neat and a wonderful blessing to watch.

But, after 96 wonderful years, Papaw went home to be with the Lord on Saturday morning. He was an amazing example and godly man for us all. Here are just a few pictures that were taken of Papaw and Aidyn together in March. Papaw was Aidyn's!

Father's Day Pictures

Instead of having a VERY long post with text and pictures, I opted to just write about our day and then post the pictures seperately. Here are a "few" (haha - yeah right) pictures of our fun-filled day on Sunday. Happy Father's Day!

Aidyn, the night before, after he finished wrapping the gifts.

Our rib-covered grill before we left for church that morning. They were smelling soooo good already! In hindsight, the ribs were probably almost done at this point. Oooops...

Ben's dad, Ben, and Aidyn...what a great picture!

Ben and Aidyn...I love Aidyn's smile and shirt, ha. I found it at Target over a month ago. He really does love his daddy!

My dad and me...our Father's Day picture. We couldn't stop laughing, so this was the best picture we had.

My mom and me...this is our late "Mother's Day" picture. Still laughing...

Aidyn watching Ben open his gifts.

The Evelys...I think I may have to change our picture on the top of this blog to this one. It's a very good possibility! :)

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day Events

We had a wonderful Father's Day this year. Just like Mother's Day, we cooked dinner for both our families. We had 13 people to cook for, including Ben and me, and the plan was to cook ribs. We had already cooked them three times over the past 2 months (trying different recipes and cooking methods) and they were delicious!

Due to the amount of people we had coming, we had to try another cooking method this time. Our grill was covered in ribs, literally! In the past, we had cooked ribs for 2 hours on the grill over INDIRECT heat. This meant that there was charcoal in the smoker box and on the sides of the grill...but not directly under the meat that was cooking.

Because we had SO much meat this time, we had no choice but to but the meat over the coals. And, since there were 5 total racks of ribs, instead of 1 that we have been normally cooking, we cooked the ribs almost an hour longer. We weren't sure if this was a good idea or not, but we were afraid that with 4 additional racks than usual, more meat would take longer to cook. To ensure that the ribs didn't burn from the direct heat, we wrapped each 1/2 rack in aluminum foil.

Unfortunately, they did still burn. Some MUCH worse than others. The ribs were good, just very dry from the cooking, and some a pieces a little crunchy, haha. Ben and I tried to eat the "worst" peices so that the others could have a better pick. Everyone said they were good...but they definately weren't anywhere near as good as the last few times we've good them. Luckily, we lots of other dishes to eat as well.

In addition to cooking ribs, we also cooked a big pot of cream cheese corn. Ben's parents brought rolls, sweet potatoes, and a birthday cake for Ben's grandfather. His grandfather brought baked beans. Our friends, Daniel & Rachel, brought potatoes. And my parents brought fruit pie, brownies, and tea. As you can see, we had TONS to eat.

After dinner, while some of us cleaned up, my mom took a few pictures of Ben with Aidyn, and then a few of Ben and his dad with Aidyn. All of the pictures turned out great.

My parents were the last to leave. I gave my dad his Father's Day gift - 2 rounds of golf. I also gave my mom her Mother's Day gift - a digital picture frame to take to work for her desk. She was on a cruise during Mother's Day, so her gift was a little "late".

After they left, Aidyn gave Ben his Father's Day gift that he'd been working on. If Aidyn was rich, he would've bought Ben a motorcycle. But, since he isn't, he got him a motorcycle card (just as good, right? ha), a book of games to play with our youth group, and a digital picture frame to take to school for his desk. Aidyn wanted to be sure that Ben could "show him off" even on the days he isn't there to visit come August. :)

We had a great day, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I hope all the dads had a wondeful Father's Day!

Daycare Practice

Normally, when Aidyn takes naps at home, he sleeps wherever he falls asleep. This may be in his swing, laying on his Boppy pillow, in his bouncy seat (when he was younger), etc. When he falls asleep while I'm holding him, I usually try and lay him on a large beanbag we have downstairs. He doesn't ever (except for maybe once or twice) sleep in his crib during naps.

Once he begins attending CCLC (Cherokee Christian Learning Center) in August, he'll be required to take his naps in a crib. Because of this, I cleaned out our pack-n-play that's been being used as a blanket and baby storage area. Aidyn now, since Sunday afternoon, has been taking his naps in his pack-n-play. I figured it'd be a struggle and he wouldn't like it, but suprisingly enough, he's done a great job!

When he begins to get fussy or whiny, even if I don't think he should be tired, I lay him in the crib. He is almost always asleep within 10-15 minutes...and he doesn't even cry when I lay him down! This morning, he had only been about about 90 mintues but we acting fussy. He NEVER naps that soon, but nothing I tried made him happy, so I decided to just lay him down. He rolled over and went STRAIGHT to sleep.

I'm so proud of him for doing so well! I should've started this a long time ago. Instead of taking shorter, more frequent naps, he has taken about 2 naps so far every day this week that are about 1-2 hrs long. I definately like that better than several 20-30 min naps like he was doing beforehand.

What a Big Boy!

Since Aidyn is eating cereal now (by spoon), we decided it was time to get a highchair. He is still eating cereal in his bottles to help with his reflux, but we have started the spoon feeding so that we can start introducing other solids as well.

Sunday, after our Father's Day dinner, my parents left and forgot my mom's cell phone at our house. So after our Sunday afternoon naps, we took mom her phone and ran by BabysRus. We tried to get the most "gender-neutral" chair they had. There was a wooden one we really liked, but it was $150. All of the others ones were about $100 or less. We had a giftcard for $50 as well.

We ended up getting a lime green/grey one. It came down to it or an orange one. I told Ben that if we would've had a girl first...I would NOT have bought a girly highchair. If so, then if we ever had a boy, he would just have to sit in it because buying another highchair would be stupid. He definately agreed. So instead of buying a more masculine looking chair, we tried to find a general one that would work either way.

Aidyn loves his new highchair! Everytime he eats his ceral, he now eats from his chair instead of in his swing which is what we had been using for his avocado and ceral at first.

According to Babywise, the goal is to get Aidyn to eat 1/4 cup of cereal 3 times a day. Right now, I am mixing 2-3 teaspoons of cereal with a little water. He doesn't eat it all, but we're working on it. This morning he woke up at 7am to eat. He gets a bottle in the early morning, no cereal. But this means he will get a bottle and cereal at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm. At his night feeding, at 10pm, he will only eat a bottle after his bath.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Goodbye, Groundhogs!

Can you see what my groundhogs have done? I haven't seen all 3 or 4 together in a while, but I have been seeing one. And he's either in the grass in our back yard, or sticking his head out of his new tunnel he's built.

Looks like we'll be putting out a live trap real soon. :( We also have an opossum.

Wishful Thinking

A few years ago, Ben's friends (John and Michael) bought themselves motorcycles. Ofcourse that put Ben into bike mode as well. Then, a little over a year ago, Ben's dad also bought himself a nice, used Harley Sportster motorcycle.
This only made Ben's desire to have a bike worse, but with a baby on the way...and now a baby at home and wife who's been on maternity leave for 6 months, a bike is out of the question.

However, since Ben's dad lives so close, he is able to ride the bike anytime he desires. He really and truly probably rides it more than his dad does. Here are a few pictures of Ben riding his "dream car" the day before Aidyn was born.

As you can see, he is wearing pants, boots, his dad's leather jacket, gloves, helmet, and facemask. Aidyn was born in January and it was quite cold outside. Not freezing (this particular day), but cold enough.
Since then, 3 more of Ben's friends (Gary, Mark, and Tony) have also bought bikes. I keep waiting for the day that I come home and see Ben's new toy. Hopefully he will wait a year or two, or more...but that is really wishful thinking. :)

Snow in June?

Well, no, not really. Or atleast not in East Tennessee. Although...I didn't realize we had Hurricane Season in East TN either, and if you're from this area, you know EXACTLY what I mean.

It seems as though all it's done for the past 2 weeks, maybe longer, is pour the rain with thunder storms and very strong winds.

When I was looking through pictures on my camera yesterday, since my disk is full and I need to delete, I ran across a few pictures that I don't think I ever shared. These are from a snow storm we had back when I was still pregnant and on maternity leave. Ben and I had been out to dinner and as we were driving home, we saw snowmen everywhere. Then, I got on Facebook and noticed my dad had posted pictures of a snowman he had built! I was soooo sad and jealous because I didn't have a snowman in my front yard!

(If I did post these pictures already, I'm very sorry...haha...just look over this post and don't read it.)

I told Ben that I wanted to build a snowman "tomorrow". It snowed more that evening, and we went out the next afternoon to build a snowman. Ben thought I was crazy and wasn't sure it'd work, but either way he gave in and tried helping me. The snow was sooo dry that it wouldn't pack enough to make a snowman. I was devasted and honestly thought I might cry, haha. Looking back, I think I almost did. I can remember Ben trying with all his might to get this dang snowman built...but nothing would work.

When I finally gave-up, sat down in the snow, and said, "I quit!", I remember Ben looking at me and saying, "Are you going to be ok?" HAHAHAHAHA

Apparently, I was more disappointed than I realized. I was ok, ha, but we never got the snowman built...or much less started. Maybe we'll have better luck next time it snows.

Friday, June 19, 2009

2nd Swim Attempt

On Sunday, for Father's Day, Ben and I will be cooking for lunch for ourselves and 11 other people. Since we did Chicken on the Beer Can for Mother's Day, we've decided to grill Pork Ribs on Sunday. Yum!

But anyhow. So that I could get some cleaning done around the house today, Aidyn spent a couple hours at his Nonnie's house (Ben's mom). She has a pool. If you remember in my last post about Aidyn swimming, I said that Leeann had a pool but that it was in the shade the majority of the day.

When I went to pick him up this afternoon, all he had on was his diaper. She said that she had taken his clothes off and put his feet in the pool to see what Aidyn would do. He loved it and just kicked and splashed. She'd left his diaper off so that they could do it again when I got there and take pictures. I asked if she wanted to actually get him in the pool (I had a "swimmy" diaper in his diaper bag from last week.)

Ofcourse she said yes!

Aidyn seemed to enjoy himself this time. I'm not sure what the difference was. It was definately MUCH hotter today, but I'm not sure that her pool was any warmer than Olivia's was the other day. Either way, we got some great pictures and a video (or two). :)

The first video was just of Aidyn kicking and enjoying the water.

The second one was after Leeann had placed Aidyn on his tummy like he was flying, or swimming. He went nuts kicking and splashing and waving his arms like he was trying to swim. So, ofcourse, I HAD to have a video of that, too! When she did him the second time, he wasn't as fond of it since the water was cold on his tummy, but he did kick and splash for just a second more.

I cannot wait until next summer when he'll be about 18 months and can really enjoy the water!

Whatever It Takes

Sometimes, you'll do whatever it takes to soothe a fussy baby...

Aidyn LOVES to go for rides in his stroller oustide. He always rolls himself over or manages to "scoot" as close to the edge as he can so that he can look out the mesh sides and watch the houses, cars, animals, etc. go by. He'll prop his feet up on the front "tray" and just enjoy the ride.
Well, the other night when he got fussy (and it was pouring the rain it has for days), Ben still put him in the stroller. I asked, "What are you doing? It's pouring outside!" And Ben said he was going to push him around the house...and that's what he did. :)
I was cracking up and couldn't contain myself. I just HAD to get out the camera.
I was cooking dinner and around and around they went through the kitchen around the middle island. After a few minutes of that, Ben said, "I think I'm going to be sick." then he went around from room to room. Our downstairs is open through all 4 rooms, so he just went around and through each of them until Aidyn decided that wasn't what he wanted. Why wasn't he outside???

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A year already?

When Aidyn goes to bed at night, he usually eats his bottle and I lay him down. Not tonight. I let him fuss, not cry, for a while before picking him up, holding him, and rocking. I really don't want to create a "habit" out of this...but on nights like tonight, or at 4am in the morning when he wants to eat...I try to remind myself that there WILL eventually be days that I'll look back and miss these moments. Right? I will miss being up at 4am? (hahaha) That's what I've been told anyways. :) I know I will. I just don't feel that way at 4am. :)

But as I was rocking him tonight, realizing that Ben is away at basketball camp, it hit's been one year since we found out I was pregnant. Now, most people took pictures of the "glorious" moment that the ept stick showed positive or pregnant. I have NO IDEA what I did with ours. Honestly. Since I didn't save it, and have no picture of it, I must have thrown it away. Hm....not really sure where it went.

Since we were on birth control and NOT planning on having a baby anytime soon, this was a HUGE shocker. Neither of us were happy...but if only we'd known what a wonderful blessing was soon on his way. :)

A year ago today (or actually this Thursday...not sure of the real date), I took an at-home prego test that came back positive. Freaking out, I called the dr and scheduled an appointment for blood work the next day. I was teaching summer school, but would be missing the next week to take our youth group to Myrtle Beach, SC for the week. So, after my last class on Friday (tomorrow), I went to the dr where they confirmed that I was prego.

*If you missed it a few paragraphs back...Ben was 4 hours away at basketball camp. He had been gone for a day or two and I would not see him until he made it down to the beach to meet our youth group about 8 hours after we arrived. I had text messaged him the previous day when the stick read positive. I won't share with you the exact words I sent him, ha. I am definately ashamed now, but I was too caught up in the moment at the time. I'll let you just imagine.

I left there, went straight to my OB/GYN office and changed my next Depro-vera shot appointment to a VERY soon OB appointment. After they confirmed "the good news" (I was ready to cry, hahaha)...I went home and went to sleep. I had a dr's appointment in July and my dr estimated that I was 8wks prego. She scheduled an ultrasound for August 5th (I think). We were expecting to see a little bean...

Boy, were we in for a shocker. Instead we saw...

Apparently, I was 16 weeks (4 months) pregnant. Due to the shot, I had no idea. I guess I was VERY lucky to totally miss the first trimester, morning sickness, etc. This also made for a VERY QUICK pregnancy since I didn't even find out until it was almost half over. Ha...go figure.
You can read the "full story" if you go back to the beginning of my blog. But, I just wanted to share our anniversary of our wonderful, precious, and perfect miracle with you...just wished we would've felt that way when we found out. ;) (hahaha) We love you, Aidyn!

Not Us...

"It" always seems like it won't happen to you...

We found out yesterday that my dad's company, where he's been working for over 25 years, will be closing down in 2-4 months. They have gradually been laying off and "cutting back" for a few years, but everyone thought it would be another 2 years or more before they official closed down for good. I feel terrible for my dad and all the men and women he works with. Most of the people that are left working there are like my dad...they've been there most of their lives. One guy, that my dad was telling me about, only needs 1 more year to retire. So, by the time they close down, he's going to be short like 6-8 months. It really sucks!

I always feel bad and try to sympathize with people that I hear tell stories about being laid off, or their families being laid off...but now it's really hit home.

If you read this blog, please add my dad and all the families of Bosch Brakings to your prayers lists...thank you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ben and I have been on "the hunt" for a babysitter for Aidyn after our original 2 offers fell through at the end of the school year. We know 2 women that keep children in their home, but currently don't have any spots available. We have added Aidyn to the waiting list for both of them. They are great and several of our friends send their kids there as well.

I also have Aidyn on the waiting list for The Early Learning Center. It is VERY HIGHLY recommended by many, many people. It is located in one of the larger churches in Johnson City, about 5-10 minutes max from where I work. Unfortunately, the waiting list is a year long. Ahh!!! Most people put their child on the waiting list when they find out they're pregnant.

We went to visit Princeton Prep last week and put Aidyn on the waiting list there. We weren't totally impressed with the facility, but they did have an overall rating of 3 stars (the highest a center can get) and would be able to take Aidyn in August/September.

Being so, I decided last weekend that I was going to sit down on Monday and just go through the phone book and call every childcare center that said Johnson City or Erwin. I did...and here's my list...also, some places said to come by and tour at any time, while others asked that we make an appointment to come by. I do not like places that ask for an appointment and say that any time is not good. That makes you think, "What are they hiding?"

1. Babyzone
Director was out and whoever answered the phone couldn't give me any answers and said to call back. I never did.

2. Central (No answer)

3. Cherokee Christian Church
Talked with the assistant director who was VERY informative. They do have an opening for Aidyn in the 6month class (which he'll be when he starts). Registration is $50 and then $135 per week. They are open 6:30am-6:00pm. They had an open-door policy and said just to stop by whenever.

4. Kidzclub (No answer)

5. Mother Goose
Talked with the director, some-what informative. They do not hav an opening, but have a waiting list. There is no registration fee. Instead you pay a week's tuition of $146 and that will hold your child's spot and be the first week's pay when you begin. Open-door policy and also said to just stop by when convenient for us.

6. Mnt.View Baptist
Talked with director, some-what informative. They do have an opening for Aidyn's class but like you to register and pay 6 weeks in advance, which would be now. There is a $35 registration fee and then $166 per week. This lady "claimed" that her assistant director was out for surgery and that we had to make an appointment to make sure would be there. Even if that was true, I wasn't fond of the way she insisted an appt was necessary.

7. Parkway
This place was a HUGE no! They do not have any openings right now and then when I asked if there was an application process or waiting list the lady said, "What-dya mean?"

8. Pinecrest (Number disconnected)

9. Playhouse (No answer)

10. Small Steps
Talked to the director, some-what informative. There are no openings right now, but there is a waiting list. There is a $25 registration fee and then $135 per week. Open-door policy.

11. Sundale
Talked to someone, not sure who. No openings until January. There is a waiting list if we would like to "enroll" Aidyn and pay the first week's tuition (for Jan) to hold his spot...$135. Open-door policy.

12. Tiny Town
Not sure who I talked to here. They do not have any openings, but they do have a waiting list. There is a $20 registration fee and then $140 per week. I don't remember if they said I had to make an appt or not.

13. The Learning Center
I THINK I talked to the director, not really sure. It was extremely loud in the background and very hard to hear. The lady said there were openings. They have a $10 registration fee and then $152 per week. This lady told me A LOT of information, not all of which seemed necessary. I guess it was just my "instinct" that said no, not sure.

14. Tri-Cities Christian
This learning center does not take students until they are 15months old.

After posting on Facebook that I would be visiting Cherokee Christian, Mnt.View Baptist, and meeting with Ashley...I had several people comment about how GREAT Cherokee Christian was. This made me excited.

On Tuesday, I met with Ashley. She was referred to me through a mutual friend. Ashley has an 8 month old son, Rider. She is hoping to be a stay at home mom and keep another baby, or two, in order to earn some extra income since she won't be working. I LOVED Ashley, her home (or what I saw of it in the 45 min. I was there), and her son. I think she would be wonderful! seems like there's always a "but" or "however"...she already knows of 2 weeks she'll be out of town. And, should she or her son ever be sick and unable to keep Aidyn for the day, Ben and I do NOT have a back-up person that could keep him. This would not be a good situation to put ourselves in.

Ben and I are both teachers (and so is his mom). Teaching isn't like some jobs where you can call in and just "catch up" on work tomorrow. My parents (and Ben's dad) also don't have jobs that you can just call in, not having a back-up person or plan would be VERY hard and worrisome. So, as much as I really wanted to find someone to keep Aidyn (which I did), not having someone else to fall back on really made it hard.

Aidyn and I met Ben at the Mall to eat lunch and we headed to Cherokee Christian Learning Center back towards our house. After the good information on the phone, great reviews from other people we know, good price, and proximity to our house/work...we decided that if we like the place, we would go ahead and pay the registration and enroll Aidyn.

Needless to say, we were impressed. Unlike Princeton Prep. CCLC first off had a lock on the door. You could not get in without ringing a doorbell and being buzzed in. Next, there were 3 people at the desk. Not 1 that ended up leaving while we were standing there allowing parents (or anybody) to come in and out of the center. After talking with the director and assistant director, we realized I used to work with the director's wife. This made me feel great about the place already. Not to mention a friend from work attends this church, and another friend's grandchildren attend.

We found out that instead of 1 class for 8 children ages 6wks-12months, this place has 2 classes. The 1st class is for 8 children ages 6wks-6months, and the 2nd class is for 8 children 6months-12months. I like this much better. Instead of such a large variety of ages and needs, Aidyn will be with other children closer to his age and ability level.

The first place we visited had a bouncy seat, swing, walker, exersaucer (sp?), and jumping seat. As much as I LOVE these things and use them all the time at home, I do know that it's TN State Standards that these things not be present. The idea is that they want the children to have attention and be played with and "taught". Part of me agrees with this, but at the same time...what do you do if you don't have those items?

CCLC had a few of these things in the Infant I class, but not the Infant II class that Aidyn will be in. Since most babies are sitting up and beginning to try crawling, his class only had 1 walker.

All in all, Ben and I felt very good about CCLC. I felt like they were in compliance with state standards, expectations, and our expectations as well. I also felt MUCH more safe with the facility than the other.

So, as sad as I am that we are going to be unable to use Ashley, I feel comfortable and happy with the decision we made. I start inservice trainings the last week of July (I think). The students start back on August 6th. Hopefully this will give us some time to "transition" Aidyn into daycare. I'll let you know how it goes.

*I've been working on this post for 3 days, so hopefully it makes sense and I didn't leave anything out.

Movie Night

For quite some time, Ben and I have talked about how we would like to do a community outreach program at church where we do a Free Community Movie Night. We want to drape a huge sheet, or tarp, over the side wall of our church and project a movie onto it.

Everyone can bring blankets, chairs, etc to sit and watch the movie...for free. Doesn't that sound like fun?!?!

Ben has decided that we will be doing a movie night on Friday, July 10th sponsored by the youth group. We have already started brainstorming ideas. I'm very excited and I'll keep you posted as it comes together.

Indoor Hockey

Every now and then, Ben will come up with a game to play with our youth group. Sometimes we'll play these games instead of doing a bible lesson, and sometimes we do the games in addition to the nightly lesson or devotion.

This past Sunday, Ben decided he wanted to play "Toilet Brush Hockey". Instead of hockey sticks, you use (clean, new) toilet bowl brushes and a small ball for the hocket putt. This time, Ben found small hockey sticks at the dollar store, and got a bouncy ball.

Aidyn and I didn't play, obviously - haha, but the kids that were at church Sunday night had a great time. Our minister and his family are actually HUGE hockey fans. His daughter, Bekah, was on Ben's team. Her brother, Adam, was the goalie for the other team...and when she scored on Adam, he was NOT happy. Needless to say, we all got a kick out of it. :)

While everyone else was playing hockey, Aidyn was hanging out in the walker that our church keeps in the fellowship hall. It actually rolls around. Even though he can't walk or hasn't figured it out yet, he had fun kicking and trying to move himself around in it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Little Fishy

Aidyn LOVES his bath time! He loves to sit, splash, and just relax. Sometimes when he gets fussy in the evenings (if he won't sleep, eat, or play)...then we'll fill his bathtub up and let him play. It always makes him relax. So...when we got an invitation to a swim birthday party for last Saturday, I wanted to try swimming before then.

Ben's parents have a swimming pool, but its in the shade most of the day and stays quite cool. I knew if I was going to be getting in the water with Aidyn, I didn't want to be freezing. So, we went to some friends of ours from church. They also have a pool and its in the backyard with no surrounding trees. It's in the sun ALL day, as long as the sun is out.

I just new Aidyn would love it since he loves his bath so much. Wroooooong! He didn't hate it, but he didn't like it either. It wasn't cold, but just not warm like his bath. They have a solar cover and it's supposed to be really hot this week, so hopefully (if it doesn't rain) we can try again soon.

Getting his "swimmy" diaper on. Nemo! I bought the smallest diapers they make, 16 - 20 lbs I think is what it said. Aidyn was 15lbs 5oz last week, so they weren't too extremely big on him.

Don't you just love his swimming trunks?!?! How cute! Poor kid, almost looks like parachute pants...except they're shorts, haha.

Now he's ready! We bought him a surfer shirt so he wouldn't get sun burnt.

In the water...he didn't fuss or cry, but he just kinda moaned and whined. He would do ok until the water got up to his chest and then he decided he didn't like it too well.

We ended up sitting him on the first step. He liked it there and was content for quite a while. I told him he was a boring swimming buddy, haha. j/k I was really hoping he would love it and splash around like he does in the bath tub. Oh well.

He must have worn himself out he is when Ben was trying to put dry clothes on him. He looks like he's just relaxing and trying to get a good tan, hahaha. This picture cracks me up!

When we got home, which was like a 5 minute drive, it was already 30 minutes past his feeding time. He ended up sleeping 45 minutes in his car seat (after we got home). He was exhausted.

Hopefully the water will be a little warmer and he'll enjoy it more next time. I bought him a new float for 6 month olds at Big Lots the other day. We'll have to try it out soon!

Jumper Seat

Aidyn loves his new jumper!

When Ben and I were visiting a potention day care center last week, there was a little boy in a "jumper" in the infant room. At that moment, Ben decided that Aidyn MUST have one of those. (Even though I was going "yard selling" on Saturday). Luckily, I guess, I didn't find one on Saturday. I actually didn't anything but a few if the child needs any more clothing!

But anyhow.

Ben put Aidyn's jumper together that evening. I waited until Ben got home the next day before putting Aidyn in it. I wanted him to see his first try since he bought it for him. Aidyn LOVED it!

There were 2 or 3 different "jumpers" all within the same price range. We ended up with the Baby Einstein one simply because it had the same "hooks" as Aidyn's playmat. We thought this would make it easier to switch the toys back and forth. Even though he really doesn't play with his mat anymore. It's made to lay on your back and play with the toys. But every time I put him on it, he rolls himself over and then can't play with anything. Looks like it will be going into the attic VERY soon with all of his outgrown clothes.

Aidyn's first time in his jumper. He LOVES the frog that he's holding onto. He's able to grab it and even hit it to make it spin around! :)

I placed his mirror up on the jumper "table" the other day. He loved looking at his handsome-self in the mirror while he played. What a cutie!

And since Ben insisted on video taping him in his new toy, I've just GOT to add it on here for your enjoyment. Aren't you glad? (haha...yeah right)

He's doing so good grabbing and reaching for things. Ben put batteries in the "piano" part this evening. When we placed Aidyn in it and turned it on (with playing music and flashing lights), he looked at it and then turned away looking for his frog. He loves that darn thing!

The 3 Musketeers

I probably spelled Musketeers wrong....oh well.

When Aidyn, Laurel, and Haley were first born, I remember telling a friend at church, "I want to get their picture together." That was the first day that they were all 3 at church. I remember his response clearly, "Oh don't worry. You'll have PLENTY of picture of them together growing up."'s yet another (from VBS).

And I'm sorry for continuing to repeat these photos, but I can't help but showing the "timeline" of them growing up so quickly already...forgive me. If you've been following my blog for a good amount of time, chances are you've seen atleast 2 of these already...maybe all of them.

December prego picture...Aidyn would be born first on January 26th.

Aidyn and Laurel...she was born 3 days later on January 29th.

Haley, Aidyn, and Laurel...Easter Sunday. Haley was born in March.

The 3 of them at VBS last week. Ben took several pictures of the three of them, and unfortunately, this was the best one, haha. (Sorry Sarah). Aidyn was screaming and crying but we "needed" a group photo before we left to take Aidyn home. In EVERY picture, one of them was turned completely sideways. So, this was the only one were they were all remotely looking straight ahead. In the others, either Haley or Laurel were looking at Aidyn like, "Geez, what is your problem?!?" That's why we're all cracking up! He was definately ready for bed!

Homemade Silly Putty

In one of the earlier posts (below) I mentioned that in games for VBS one night we made Homemade Silly Putty. I actually didn't mean "we"...the kids made it. At the end of the "session" for the evening, they were each given a ziplock baggy with the directions taped on the front. This is a super easy recipe that kids can do. I thought the parents might enjoy having the recipe so the kids could make more silly putty at home. :)

You need:
1 cup of water
1 tablespoon of Borax
small bowl
1 tablespoon of Elmer's Glue
1 teaspoon of water
plastic spoon or fork
food coloring (optional)

First, you need to place 1 cup of warm tap water in a measuring cup and then add 1 tablespoon of Borax. Stir this until the Borax is competely (or mostly) dissolved. Place your cup of Borax water to the side for later.

Next, in a small bowl, mix 1 tablespoon of Elmer's Glue and 1 teaspoon of water.

Then, if you want, add some food coloring. The more the food coloring, the darker or more vibrant your color will be. I cannot find the liquid food coloring (red, yellow, blue, and green) like I used to use when I was younger. Now it seems all the stores sell gel food coloring that looks like little icing tubes. That is what we used and it also worked great.

After you put in your food coloring, stir until everything is mixed together well.

Now, add in 1 tablespoon of your Borax water mix. This will immediately turn some of the mixture into a more solid state as you should be able to see in the picture below.

Stir this with a plastic spoon, popsicle stick, anything that you don't mind throwing away afterward. Stir until the mixture turns into silly putty. It will only form so much and mix until it won't mix anymore. It will still be a little wet.
At this point, you must put your spoon (or mixing utensil) down and scoop out the putty with your hands. The more you squeeze and play with the putty, the less watery it will be.

Here are two examples that I made ahead of time.