Monday, April 27, 2009

Cradle Cap

Aidyn has had cradle cap for quite a while now. At his 2 month check up, the dr said it's just dry skin on the scalp caused from laying on his head all the time. He said that once Aidyn starts sitting up more, the cradle cap should heal and disappear. In the meantime, we shampoo him about every other day. We start with a cradle cap "cream" that we scrub on real good. Then on top of that we use Selsen Blue shampoo. After drying off, we add baby moisturizer to his head.

The cradle cap started in the back of his head and got pretty bad before it began healing. Now it's spread to the sides of his head. It had been looking worse, but I think it's started to heal as well. I sure hope so. After baths and usually the next day, it doesn't look so bad. But by the 2nd morning and end of that day - with the red "rash" spots covered in yellow scales, kinda like scabs.

In the pictures below, you may be able to see the red, raised places on the side of his head above his ear. This is what the cradle cap looks like after the yellow flakes are scrubbed off.

It doesn't seem to bother him at all. Our only problem that we've run into now is the moisturizer we put on his head. When Aidyn gets tired, or is just relaxing really, he has started rubbing the back of head with his hands. It's very sweet and a sign usually that he's ready for a nap or bedtime. When we put the lotion on his head, I have to keep his head covered with his bath towel long enough for everything to dry. Otherwise, he rubs his head, gets the lotion on his fingers, and then either rubs it in his eyes or tries to eat it. Yuck! :)

Bath Time

Aidyn LOVES to take baths! Here are just a few pics from tonight.

Time for the shampoo and head massage...ooooo, that feels good!

Don't I have the biggest and brightest eyes ever?

I love my new toys I've recently hands! I could stare at them or even eat them all day long!

Busy Day

Aidyn had a busy day today. After getting up, we spent the morning and afternoon just being lazy. When Ben got home from school, I asked him to watch Aidyn for a few minutes so I could take a shower. Afterwards I was going to run his suit to the dry cleaners. Instead, Ben offered to just take Aidyn on with him to weighlifting practice for football. Ofcourse I said, sure!

After being at weighlifting for about 45 minutes, Aidyn came home and took a nap. Then he spent some time outside in his swing while I worked on pulling weeds and cutting down some bushes in the front yard.

Next, after a nice long nap Aidyn's Mom-mom (my mom) came over for dinner and a visit. Aidyn slept through our entire dinner. My mom was disappointed that he was asleep when she arrived, but luckily he woke up once we had the kitchen cleaned up.

Ben has been working on a project for his principal and needed a picture of the school. So, after dinner we put Aidyn in his stroller and we all walked up to the school - a little less than a mile from our house probably.

Aidyn did really well until we got to the school. He got the hiccups so Ben and I ended up taking turns carrying him while the other pushed the stroller. We put him back in the stroller on the way home, but he ended up getting fussy so my mom carried him the rest of the way.

Once home, we had about 30 minutes until it was time for him to eat. I gave Aidyn a bath while my mom took some pictures. He loves his baths! Then it was time for his bottle and bed time. Whew, what a day!

3 Months Old

Aidyn turned 3 months old yesterday, April 26th. Here are a few pics to show how much he's grown since January.

All handsome and ready for church in his Tommy Hilfiger shirt and Old Navy khakis. Both of these pieces are 3-6 month sizes. He has definately outgrown ALL of his clothes that were 0-3 months!

Going for a walk around the park while Daddy practices softball. The men in our church play in a softball league every year. The first game is tomorrow (Tuesday) and so they thought they might atleast need a little batting practice lastnight after church. They were the league champs last year! We cannot wait for this season to begin! This outfit says, "I watch ESPN with my Daddy!" Ben bought it in Disney World lastyear. It's a 6month piece...a little big, but fits better than some of the other 3 months things we've put on him lately.

Earlier last week before it got HOOOOT outside. Since about Wednesday or Thursday it's been in the upper 70s to 80s here in East Tennessee. What happened to Spring? I think it missed us completely! We went from snow 2 weeks ago to upper 80s yesterday! Hope the warm weather is here to stay!

Pump Free...Yay!!!

I am officially "pump free"! Since I am planning on starting my master's in May, I went ahead and began gradually switching Aidyn to formula. Up until this point he has been eating breastmilk that I've been pumping - every 3 hours, every day. Ugh!

I had decided before Aidyn was born I was going to breastfeed for many reasons. It's better for babies, easier to digest, has anitbodies in it that help their immune system, its "always ready", and definately cheaper than formula. It's free, ha. After trying for 2 weeks to get Aidyn to nurse and being unsuccessful, I quit trying and just committed to pumping. I would feed Aidyn a bottle, pump for 15 minutes, pour that milk into his next bottle, and then wait for the cycle to continue. After 2 months of this, I decided that was enough.

Had Aidyn been able to latch on successfully, I do think I would have continued longer. But talk to anyone that's had to pump...whether it be a few times or every time like me...and they'll tell you it's no fun. I started gradually with formula because I was afraid he would not like it. Amazingly, he acted like he didn't even know a difference. I don't think he did. I think he probably would have been ok if I just switched him over without doing it gradually, but it made me feel better. Also, during this time, I had to work on "weaning" my body and training it to stop producing milk.

I started by changing his 12noon feeding to formula and I wouldn't pump at that time. I did that for 3 days. Then, I switched the 12 midnight needing and quit pumping at that time. I did that for 3 days. Then I dropped the 3pm feeding, then the 3am feeding, then 6pm and 6am, and finally 9pm and 9am. With each feeding, we would go 3-4 days before switching to another. This gave my body time to realize I didn't need the milk at those times. And eventually, when I would have "leaked" or been sore for skipping a time...I suddenly wasn't even the slightest bit sore. Plus, not to mention the extra time I had.

I no longer had to spend 30 min after each feeding on pumping, preparing the next bottle, and cleaning the pump equipment. This also meant that at night when Aidyn woke up, I could feed, burp, and change him, and usually be back to bed within 15-20 minutes...not 45. Yay!

I have successfully been "pump free" since last Wednesday...5 days. I only became a little sore on Friday afternoon. I called the lactation consultant who said I'd done everything great by doing it slowly over a 3 week period. To help with tenderness and to dry up what was left of any milk production, I could take 2 sudafed (sp?) a day if I wanted. Sudafed can only be bought at a pharmacy, and you have to sign for it...because people use it to make Meth.

Aidyn has been successfully eating formula now for all means since last Friday and we're both doing great! My only regret about not being on breastmilk is the nasty formula diapers (and cost ofcourse). Not fun! Even the absolute worst of the breastmilk diapers will never even compare, haha.

As far as costs goes, before we were paying $75/month for the pump. I am not taking into acccount the cost of the bottles or bags I used to store the milk. Now, we are going through about 1 container of formula a week. So $25 x 4 = about $100/month now. For the cost to only increase by $25 per month, I figure that isn't no where near the increase I thought we'd see.

Mean Mommy

Well, it's official. I'm a mean mommy, hahaha.

On Wednesday night (last week) my right eye started to hurt. When I woke up Thursday morning the corner of my eyelid was red and a little swollen. eye? My brother had pink eye about 2 weeks ago and so I was afraid that maybe I had caught it from him when we were all at my parents' house. mom mentioned that because it can be a bacterial infection, they're very easy to get (pink eyes) as a mom because of all the diaper changes going on. Gross!

I decided to wait and see what happened with it, but it continued to hurt and itch. So, Friday morning I got up to feed Aidyn at 9:30am and decided I was going to call the dr. Luckily, none of the doctors in my group had appointments available. The receptionists suggested going to the "Walk-In Clinic" supported by the doctor's office. She called and they hadn't seen anyone in over an hour. Sounded good to me since I could just go then and not have to wait all day and sit in a waiting room.

I called my dad to see if he could keep Aidyn while I ran to the dr. I didn't want to take him into a waiting room full of sick people should it get busy before I got there. He said sure. So I tried feeding Aidyn, but apparently he wasn't hungry. He's been doing that lately about once a day. So I went ahead and showered and got us ready.

In my hussle and quick running around to get ready ASAP and get to the dr, I forgot to give Aidyn his reflux meds. Yep...totally forgot! I usually give it to him around 8-9am after he eats. Since he didn't eat and I was worried about having pink eye and Aidyn getting it...I totally forgot to give him the medicine before we left. And when do you think I finally realized?

At about 7:30pm that night when he wouldn't eat and just screamed and cried. He hadn't had one of these "episodes" in probably 2 weeks and Ben and I were trying to figure out what was wrong. I felt HORRIBLE when I realized what I'd done....or hadn't done actually. I went to get the meds and gave it to him then. He still wouldn't eat, but within ten minutes he calmed down and went to sleep.

Luckily, I don't have pink eye though. I was in and out of the Walk-In Clinic within 30 minutes and the dr thinks I just have a stye. Since I was exposed to pink eye earlier, she went ahead and gave me drops. My eye is already feeling better and I haven't forgotten the meds again!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sun Hat

Aidyn went with his Nonnie (Ben's mom) and Bubba (Ben's dad) to a family picnic this afternoon. I had bought him a sun hat because I thought they were going to be outside. It actually ended up being at a church, but here is a picture of his way too big hat, haha. Maybe it will fit a little better before the end of the summer...I hope.

Dressed and ready for the picnic.

His sun hat that is just too big right now, haha. He cracks me up!

More Tummy Time

Aidyn loves to sit in his Boppy pillow and just relax. Sometimes I will lay him across the Boppy to work on tummy time. He will usually hold his head up a few minutes before just laying back down and hanging out.

Boppy tummy time...he's recently found his hands. He LOVES to hold them together and "play" with them. Another favorite...trying to eat them. He is trying his best to figure out how to get his whole hand in his mouth. :)

Relaxing in the Boppy pillow.

More Tummy time on the couch and talking to mom.

Aidyn has also started kicking with his feet, almost like he's trying to move...but not really. This morning I layed him across the Boppy for his tummy time when all of a sudden he kicked himself right over the front of it. Next thing I knew he was bent totally over it, laying on his head, with his feet hanging over the top. Haha... good thing I was there. He didn't cry or anything, but I ended up moving the pillow and just putting him on his stomach on the couch. Crazy kid!

Big Boy Chair

I bought Aidyn a Bumbo chair. I read many reviews online before doing so and felt like maybe he would enjoy this. He is currently working on holding his head up (even though you can't tell from this picture) and he LOVES to sit up so he can check everything out.

The seat is made of soft rubber and supports him up to his shoulders in the back. We put him in the seat the night I brought it home and he did great. The next morning I tried again and he would only hold his head up a second. So...we're still working on tummy time each day to practice holding his head up and a minute or two in the Bumbo seat. When he sits in this seat, I am always right there with him, usually with my hand behind his head to help support it just incase.

Mirror, Mirror...

I bought Aidyn a mirror for his crib the other day. Only problem is it won't tie to his crib because of the slats. Our crib is beautiful, but definately not made to fit "standard" items such as mirrors, mobiles, bumper pads, you name it.

Instead, I've propped the mirror up next to Aidyn's changing table. He loves to look at himself while I change his diaper.

Bird Attacks!

I've decided we've got an infestation of birds (barn swallows is what I call them) outside between our house and our neighbors. Since buying our house in October 2006, we have yet to cap the chimney. Hence our "bird" problems we've had at least once a year since.

This winter, Ben pushed a huge piece of insulation up in our fireplace/chimney. Obviously we don't use it. We have gas logs but they are in the basement and haven't been installed yet. So, anyways, the other night we were watching TV and I told Ben I could hear birds in the chimney. He muted the TV and sure enough they were loud and clear. He ran outside and got a piece of plywood we had on the side porch to cover the fireplace. We pushed one of our couch ottaman's up against it to hold the board in place.

2-3 days passed and we didn't hear the birds anymore. So as we were watching TV, again, Ben pulled the ottoman over to the couch so he could prop up his feet. We left the board where it was...bad idea. As I was sitting there feeding Aidyn, the board fell over before we could catch it. Scared the crap out of Aidyn and he screamed for about 5 minutes until I got him calmed down. Ben just pushed the board to the side.

THEN....came the fun part. At midnight I heard Aidyn fussing. As I got up to go check on him I heard a bird flying around downstairs. I went closer to the stairs to see if I could hear any better and about the time I did...SMACK - right into the window it flew! I "quietly" ran into our room to wake up Ben.

Needless to say we spent the next 20-30 minutes trying to "catch" and chase two birds outside. Ugh! Here is our fireplace, once again...with a board infront.

Lastnight we thought we heard ANOTHER bird (or birds) in the fireplace. After waiting a while, we didn't hear them anymore so I hope we were wrong. We've GOT to get our chimney capped!

Nature Sights

I took some pictures on our walk of some of the sites we saw and forgot to add them to the previous post. they are.

There were 4 turtles on this log as we approached, but the closer I got to take a picture...2 of the smaller ones jumped off. You should be able to see the big one closer to the water and a smaller baby turtle on up about a foot. You can't see its head, just the shell.

Here is a HUGE fish that was in one of the ponds It's the dark shadow in the middle of the picture if you can't tell. It was probably 2-3ft long. I'm not really sure. I just know it was big!

Just some running water heading down the creek...

Here is a duck we saw as it was bathing itself. Every time I tried taking its picture, it would hide its head...however, I swear its there somewhere!

Cool Dude!

I bought Aidyn his first pair of sunglasses at Target the other day and this past week was the perfect time to try them out. Here in East Tennessee its been sunny with temps in the upper 70s to low 80s for the past 5 days or so. I hope it continues! However, being how the past 2 times it's been nice like this and is snowed 3 days later...I'm not holding my breath yet.

Here's Aidyn getting ready to leave the house to go walk. We have a walking trail less than a mile from our house. On the nature trail there is a creek that runs parallel as you walk as well as a pond or two and other pretty sites.

Here is Aidyn ready for his stroll in the sun. hehe - isn't he cute?!?! I actually ended up taking the sunglasses off of him and just using the "visor" thing on his stroller.

We walked 3.5 miles on Thursday before I dropped him off with Ben (who was still at school) so I could go eat dinner with some friends. I really wish this weather would stick around for good!

Weight Doubled!

Aidyn was born on Monday, Januar 26, 2009. He weighed 7lbs.

We weighed him on our scale at home a few days ago...14 lbs!
He will be 3 months old tomorrow and he has already doubled his birth weight...which according to "all the books", most babies double their weight between 4-6 months. Aidyn is a little ahead of the game in this department. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

S - P - O - I - L - E - D !

We are going to have to start "working" on putting Aidyn down and just letting him cry. For his first month or two, he would be content laying on a blanket or on our bed while we were getting ready, eating dinner, or doing something that required us to put him down.

Not anymore! haha

Here is a picture from about ten minutes ago. Aidyn woke up at 4:00pm to eat. Afterwards he played on his playmat while I cut his fingernails and then sat in his bouncy seat while I cleaned up his bottle and updated some of our blog. We have to be at church in 30 minutes and so when I went to lay him on the bed so I could get's what happened:

He was NOT happy to be put down! As soon as I would walk over to him to tell him I was almost ready, he would quieten (sp?) down. Seriously, all I did was put jeans on and a tshirt...not like I was re-doing makeup, "fixing" my hair, or anything like that, haha. He literally went into scream mode within seconds.

I tried getting a picture since most people are always saying, "I really have never heard him cry or get upset. Are you sure he does? Maybe he just fusses or gets whiney." So I tried getting "proof", haha...but even when I got close enough for a picture he calmed down because he thought I was going to pick him up. He is definately S-P-O-I-L-E-D.
As I type this, we are in our "comptuer" position. I am sitting with my legs crossed, feet propped up on the desk, and him sitting in my lap against my legs. He now has fallen asleep. He's rotten to the core! :)

Medicine Suggestions???

Here is a picture of Aidyn's reflux medicine - Prevacid. It's a small pill. I placed it next to a dime so you could get a good idea of the size. Our "instructions" are to place the pill in a teaspoon of water for it to disolve, and then give to Aidyn. It actually tastes fruity...or smells fruity, I haven't tasted it, haha. But anyhow - he likes the taste.

I have been disolving the pill and then using the dropper to suck up the water. I give it to Aidyn in the morning after he eats a little at a time. Unfortunately, the meds doesn't complete disolve. It really actually just breaks down into VERY small pieces, like salt almost. Because of this, some of the meds gets stuck in the top (blue part) of the dropper. So.....I tried the "spoon" it came with. When you do this, the meds gets stuck in the bottom. He gets quite a bit, but there is usually a good amount left over either in the dropper top or spoon bottom. Ugh!

A friend of mine, whose daughter is 10 months old, also uses the same meds. Because of the quick disolving time, she just places the pill in her daughter's mouth. Obviously, Aidyn is quite old enough to do that...yet. But I'm wondering if maybe I couldn't break it up and try giving to him that way? But that worries me still.
Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated...THANKS! :)

Burning Building

Here are some "after" shots of the old building I posted about a few weeks ago. It's about 4 blocks from our house, maybe 5...not sure exactly. Either way its waaaaay close and our house smelled like smoke for 2 days!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sleeping "Mix-Ups"

I think Aidyn has his nights and mornings mixed up. Not DAYS and NIGHTS, just the mornings. Here is his sleep "schedule" from lastnight:

9:45pm (Ate and went to bed)
*After putting him in bed, we let Aidyn wake up on his own during the night.

1:45am (Ate)

4:00am (Woke up, but wouldn't eat so Ben changed him and put him back to bed.)

6:00am (Woke up, but wouldn't eat again. I figured by now he'd be hungry, guess not. So after rocking him about 5 min I put him back to bed.)

7:30am (Woke up, wasn't interested in eating...again. This time I went ahead and brough his bottle and him to bed with us.)

Aidyn sleeps in his own bed, but in the early mornings when I'm still in need of sleep...I sometimes bring him and lay him on one of Ben's pillows between us. For whatever reason, he sleeps like 2 more hours.

9:45am (Woke up HUNGRY and ate - yay!)

So, essentially, he went from 1:45am until 9:45am this morning without eating or wanting to eat. I think he woke himself up the first time ( at 4) using the bathroom. He tends to do that. I'm not sure what woke him up the times afterwards since he wasn't hungry. Now...if only I could get him to go 8 hours WITHOUT waking up, we'd be doing wonderful! :) Hopefully he'll get this all straightened ou soon. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Contagious Curiosity

I ate lunch with a friend of mine today, Kathryn, and her mom. We met at the park and enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree weather and sun. Boy, was it nice!!! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to finish working in our flower beds down infront of the house. We are getting ready to order a new front door and shutters for the windows...I can't wait!

But curiosity has gotten the best of me. It's contagious I think, ha. Many of you have probably noticed "My Blog List" that I follow on the left side of this blog. One of them, The Muellers, has posted a survey for people to complete about her blog. I do not know Crystal, but came across her blog through other blogs that I read. She is a 4th grade teacher, like me, and new I find it neat and interesting to read her comments about these same experiences.

I was telling my friend, Kathryn, about my blog today. She and her mom read it, along with other friends and family members of mine. To my surprise, she began telling me that some of her friends and "co-workers" in her nursing program at school also follow my blog...and have been since I was pregnant. That's pretty neat, I think. I would think it was weird that people I don't know read my blog and follow along, but I do the same to other people I don't know, haha.

Because of this "news", I also (like Crystal) have decided to post a survey on the top left of my blog to see how many people follow and read about our family. I have left the survey "open" for a month since I know some people check daily and others just every once in a while. I'll be curious to see the results come in.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Special Lunch Visitor

Aidyn went to lunch today with his Great-Nana and his 3rd cousin, Kelsey. Kelsey was born with muscular dystrophy and some mental developmental delays. She is 7 years old, in kindergarten, and LOVES every minute of it! She had an appointment with the lung specialist today for a check up. Afterwards, she was picked up by my grandmother (my Nana) and we all went to lunch. It was a great afternoon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aidyn's BIG Friend

In high school, I met the greatest friend ever, Aimee. Since then, she and I have been very close. We were in each other's weddings, have shared many life "lessons" and experiences together, and now will be sharing "mommy-hood" together as well.

She and her husband, Matt, live in Nashville now, but were in town visiting for Easter with their dog, Agnus. Agnus is a Mastiff and weighs 180 lbs! Being 7 months pregnant, Aimee has began preparing her daughter's nursery and their home for her June arrival.

Today, I left Aidyn with my dad while I went to lunch with Aimee and her husband. Afterwards they took me to a pottery place where we all painted pottery. It was a very fun afternoon and much needed "mommy break" for me. When we were finishing up painting our pottery, Matt began talking about how they are worried about how Agnus will react when Mattilda (their daughter) is born and comes home. Without even thinking twice about it, I said, "Bring Agnus over to meet Aidyn." So they did.

I had met Agnus before and have heard many stories about how she's a big "chicken". Well, she did GREAT with Aidyn today. She didn't even care about him. She was however, scared of the stroller and bouncy seat. As Aidyn moved and squirmed around, ate his bottle and burped, and even cried a little after...she would just turn her head towards him and then look away. When Matt moved Aidyn's stroller around the room and when I brought the bouncy seat downstairs, she growled at them and tried to hide behind our couch ottamans.

I'm sure you can imagine this 180lbs dog trying to hide behind an ottoman, but she wouldn't go near the things...until we put Aidyn in them. Then she would. As Aimee pointed out, it was like she was thinking, "Well...if they put the little guy in there, they can't be too scary," and she would sniff them out.

Here is a picture of me holding Aidyn while we were trying to get him closer to Agnus. She still didn't care one bit. I think she is going to be a wonderful BIG sister to Mattilda!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today was a busy, beautiful, and sunny day. Aidyn spent his first Easter making his "holiday rounds" with both families - Ben's family and mine. We started our day at church where Ben's family attends and Ben is the youth minster. That is where Aidyn got his picture taken with Haley and Laurel.

After church, we went to Ben's parents house for lunch. While there, Aidyn also got his picture taken with Bella, a little Yorkshire Terrier puppy. She was just the perfect size for him...if onle she woudn't grow any bigger.

After lunch, we headed to my aunt's house. After we all ate lunch, or everyone else did...we had already eaten, it was time for a little softball. All my cousins are really big into sports and had brought their softball gloves, bats, and balls. I think it ended up being 6 on 6. The teams went from my 9yr old cousin Chase, to my grandmother's husband who is a minster and probably in his 60s. Needless to say, we had some good laughs.

Due to my lack of athletic abilities, I was a sidelines cheer leader and jumped on the trampoline with my younger cousin, Joni. Fortunately I was successful in my bladder control! Apparently you "aren't the same" after having a baby and my mom and two aunts couldn't wait for me to try out the trampoline. Luckily, I was able to diappoint them. :)

Baby Line-Up

If you have been following my blog since December, you may remember the pictures I posted entitled "Mommy Line-Up". If not here is the photo one more time. It was taken in December 2008 at our church during a baby shower.

Kara, Sarah, Me

Here we are, a little over 3 months later, all with our new babies. Aidyn (middle) was born on January 26th. Laurel (right) was born on January 29th. Haley (left) was born the week of March 9th...I think.

Here we are all lined up for a group photo after our morning Easter service at church.