Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Little Mechanic

After bringing my bike home that I got for Christmas, Ben realized the back breaks weren't working properly. So he decided to work on them (in the kitchen since it was freezing outside) and try to align them back up.

Unfortunately, he wasn't getting much done since Aidyn felt like he was supposed to be helping too!

At first, Ben didn't mind at all. But I could tell that he was beginning to get frustrated trying to work around Aidyn and hold the bike from falling on the two of them at the same time, ha. So...before taking Aidyn out of his way, YOU KNOW ME...I had to take a couple pictures.

I just can't seem to resist capturing moments of them "working" together. Isn't this last one so cute? Ben's looking for some tool in his toolbag and Aidyn was just watching to see what he was reaching for...just like he would be using the tool himself. I LOVE these photos!

11 Months Old?!?

Can you believe Aidyn turned 11 months old on December 26th???

Even though I only "felt" like I was pregnant for 5 months (since we didn't find out until I was 16 wks) the past 11 months have completely and totally FLOWN by! It just doesn't seem possible.

I ordered Aidyn's birthday party decorations, plates, cups, etc a few weeks ago and those came in the mail a few days before Christmas. His birthday present arrived today and we ordered him some Robeez MiniShoez that should be here within a few days.

Aidyn was/is DEFINATELY the best thing that happened to us in 2009!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

7th - Our friend Karen's

We made it to our friend, Karen's, around 7pm. Can you tell Aidyn is exhausted and tired? Look at his eyes...poor kid. This was the end to 3 days of Christmas celebrations and he was WORN out!

The kids opened presents and we all snacked on some great food. We also exchanged gifts. I got a beautiful scarf that I know my girls at school with love!

Group photo of all the girls and our kids:

Back Row: Me, Aidyn, Crystal, Lori, & Cole
Front Row: Ava, Karen, Jennifer, & Faith Ann

We all "wrestled" the kids while the guys played a round of Rook. We had a great time! It's always fun getting together with friends and enjoying each other's company. I can't wait to do it again!

6th - My Family's Christmas

We finally made it to my parents' house around 3:45-4pm. The plan was to eat dinner and exchange gifts. We started with stockings and then I think we ate dinner. (We went so many places, I can't remember, haha). After dinner, we exchanged gifts and Aidyn played with his toys.

Aidyn helping my mom (Mom-mom) open her gifts.

Playing with his Puppy Dog he got for Christmas.

Helping Uncle Aaron (my brother) open gifts.

My grandmother, Aidyn's great-grandmother.

If you look closely, or click on this picture to enlarge it, it looks as though Aidyn and my dad are making the same face at each other. It's halarious!

Ben trying to open Aidyn's Elmo Cell phone. Aidyn loves to play with everyone's cell phones so badly...that they all bought him one! ha...luckily they're all different. So, we now have 3 cell phones, and he still wants OUR'S.

His favorite "toy". The empty box of ripped wrapping paper and ribbons - ofcourse. :)

We had a delicious dinner, enjoyed spending time with my family and watching Aidyn play. Aidyn didn't eat well Christmas Day (bottles, I should clarify). But I guess it's because he ate turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans and bread at Ben's mom's. Then he ate ham, mashed potatoes, and green beans at my mom's. After playing with toys for a while, we were off to our final destination.

5th - Mother-in-Law's Family

After doing our own Christmas with Aidyn, we went back to Ben's parents' house. His mom's family came over for lunch and we exchanged gifts. Aidyn got another stocking from Santa with a cell phone and a ball.

Ben's grandparents...Aidyn's great-grandparents.

Ben and his dad, haha. Enough said. ;)

Aidyn with Jordan and Brandon, Ben's cousins.

Aidyn was definately ready for a nap by now. Here is great-aunt Tammy was trying to rock him to sleep. After about 5-10 min, he decided no nap.
Jordan and Duke (the dog) trying to nap as well. There must've not been anymore room on the couches, due to everyone else napping, haha.

We left Leeann's house and went home so we could lay Aidyn down for a nap. The plan was to be on the road headed to my parents' house by 2:30-3pm. We laid Aidyn down and then laid down ourselves...and woke up at 3:00pm. Ahh!

4th - Christmas Morning

Aidyn was a good boy and slept until about 9:00am when we woke him up Christmas morning.

My parents bought Aidyn a Santa outift. I wasn't crazy about it, but figured what better day to wear it than Christmas? So...he sported it all day long. The jacket got pretty warm, so he mostly just had his white onesie and pants on. i have to admit, he was a cutie. But when isn't he? ;)

Christmas Photo infront of our tree.

We started with our stockings. Aidyn got lots of goodies in his such as Desistin, Soothie Pacis, socks, 2 Christmas books, some pajamas, and some ABC magnets for our refrigerator. One his favorite things was a set of salt and pepper shakers that I got in my stocking...go figure. :)

Aidyn reading his Bible.

After stockings, we moved on to our gifts. Aidyn wasn't too big on unwrapping the gifts. He'd do about 2 and then he was done. He enjoyed ripping the paper off, but that got old pretty quick. I think Ben ended up opening most of his gifts for him and "showing" Aidyn what he got.

I felt like Ben and I did well for Aidyn's first Christmas. We bought him some books, blocks, and a basketball goal. So we didn't over do it, knowing ofcourse that others would get him plenty.

Monday, December 28, 2009

3rd - My Nana's

After eating and visiting with Ben's family on Christmas Eve, we left and headed to my grandmother's house. We also play the "Mean Santa" game there. There were 21 of us this year and so it lasted a little while, but was lots of fun.

I somehow managed to not get everyone's picture tonight either. Not sure what happened. Oh well. :(

2nd - Father-in-Law's Family

My father-in-law's family gets together on Christmas Eve each year for dinner and gifts. All of the kids get individual gifts and the adults play "Mean Santa". We enjoyed lots of food and had a great time with each other.

Here are just a few pictures of some of the kids playing with their new toys.

There are a couple cousins and 2nd cousins I didn't get pictures of. Ben took tons, but they weren't all very flattering pictures of everyone else. And since I know I might get in trouble, haha, I won't post. ;)
*Oh yeah...I forgot to mention in my last post that the ABC Caterpillar Aidyn got from his Nonnie was also under our tree at home. Aaaaand, when we all got together Christmas Eve, Aidyn got 2 of the same train, ha. We ended up taking one of the cateripillars back and exchanging it and left one of the trains with Ben's mom for when she keeps Aidyn. actually worked out great.

1st - Ben's Family Christmas

We began our Christmas festivities on Wednesday, December 22nd at Ben's parents' house. We always celebrate with them a day or two early because they have 2+ family get togethers as does my family. are just a few (and believe me...just a few!) of our pictures from Nonnie's house.

Aidyn hadn't started opening gifts yet, since this would be his first experience, and so he was more interested in the dog's ball.

He eventually got the idea of ripping the paper. He wasn't much concerned with what was inside, but boy did he love tearing the paper, ha.
Leeann (Ben's mom), Lesley, and Thomas (Ben's brother)

Bubba (Ben's dad) and Caz

Aidyn trying out his little seat Nonnie bought him. More than sit in it, he likes to stand up and look over the back...not such a safe idea, but he sure thinks it's fun.
In his Coupe Car...

Everyone playing the "Pickle Game". Ben's mom heard of some German game where you hide a pickle ornament and whoever finds it gets a prize.
I have been talking to Ben about wanting a bike for when it gets warm. Aidyn and I walk all the time when the weather is nice, and I thought it might be fun to try and ride around. I think he'd enjoy that. I also have the chair/seat-thing that attaches on the back for Aidyn to ride with me.

Exhauted! We live (maybe) 1/2 a mile from Ben's parents' house and Aidyn was sooooound asleep when we got home. He slept while Ben carried him inside and while we undressed his, changed his diaper, put his pajamas on, and laid him in the bed.
*I just realized the only photo of Ben that I posted was of his backside looking for the pickle...ooops. Sorry. :(