Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Computer Skills

Just incase Aidyn doesn't grow up to be an athlete or chef, we've started working on his computer keyboarding skills.

Haha, just kidding. He does, however, LOVE playing playing with Ben's laptop (when off turned off) or our old wireless keyboard upstairs in the office. Believe it or not, in the picture above, the laptop is not even turned on...even though he appears to be concentrating on the screen.

If given the opportunity, he jumps at the chance to play with anything that has "buttons" and makes clicking sounds when he pushes on it. We try to keep the laptop put up and out of view, but every now and then he'll get a chance to "play".

Eggs anyone?

After buying Aidyn some Easter eggs, he wanted to open the bag. So that he didn't lose or break them all, I gave him just a few to play with and put the rest up. The first thing he did was go get a bowl to put them in. I gave him the spoon.

He played for quite a while stirring the eggs and throwing them around the kitchen floor.

He must've decided that he was going to fry his eggs since he pulled a skillet out of the drawer and put his eggs in it. Or maybe he was just hungry and trying to give me some subtle hints, haha.

As long as he doesn't try to cook up his pacifier, I guess we'll be doing pretty good.


One morning while Ben was watching TV, Aidyn found a flyswat that I had bought to use in a game at school. He ran around the house smacking his toys and balls. Before we really knew what he was going to do, he went up and smacked Ben.

Luckily, Ben was caught of guard and found it funny...

...and so did Aidyn as he went and rolled in the floor laughing and giggling.

We never know what he's going to come up with next. :)

Bad Habits

My mom thought it would be a good idea to teach Aidyn how to "lick the beater" as we used to call it growing up. Here he is trying to figure out what to do with a beater covered in mashed potatoes.

He wasn't real sure what to do at first... I showed him how and then handed it back to him. After that, he quickly got the hang of it!

Aidyn soon was covered in mashed potatoes as he tried getting his tiny tongue and mouth around the beater to clean the potatoes off. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mr. Chef

I know I've posted pictures before of Aidyn helping me "cook" at dinner. But, here are a few more...

...and of his mess as he looks for his "right" bowls and cups to use.

Maybe one day he'll be able to cook us something delicious!

Water Artist

Since Aidyn loved coloring so much, we found some tub crayons at Target one evening. The crayons are "set" or stuck into a circular animal-looking thing that makes it easier to hold on to. Unfortunately, Aidyn doesn't always hold it the right direction and ends up just rubbing the animal holder on the tub and not the crayon. He's learning though.

It's great because the crayon washes right off the tub. another reason Aidyn loves to take a bath. :)

Saturday Morning Fun

Aidyn is in his best moods when he's:

1.) just woken up in the morning
2.) just woken up from a long nap
3.) just finished eating

So on Saturday mornings when everyone's home and he's in a good mood and playing, I like to catch a few shots of him. On this particular morning, he was preoccupied with his car most of the morning. You can see he's still wearing his Christmas PJs in March...but who's keep track?

"Ohhhhh, hey officer. I had no idea I was speeding!"

Trying to stand, climb, or squeeze into spaces he isn't "supposed to" has become one his favorite past times, as you can see.

My Little Artist

We recently figured out that Aidyn enjoys coloring...with pencils, pens, markers, chalk, anything that will make a mark. ;)

So when we bought him a coloring book and pack of "special, magic" markers, he got very upset when he couldn't get them opened. haha...look at that face!

After we got the package open, he was thrilled and spent the rest of his evening coloring.

The markers are "magic" because they will only mark on the special paper that the coloring book is made of. It's great because if he tries coloring on something other than the paper, the markers don't work. We still try encouraging him to color only on paper, but it's nice to know we truely don't have to worry (yet, ha).

He's so skilled, he can even color while squatting - can you?

Sometimes Aidyn will even "color" with the lid on and he doesn't always realize there aren't any new marks...he doesn't mind. ;)

Happy Anniversary

Well, I hate to admit, but I TOTALLY forgot our wedding anniversary this year. To beat it all, I had actually been talking to my co-worker that day about our wedding. How sad! I keep telling myself I forgot "because" it fell on a Wednesday (youth at the house night) and so we weren't able to make plans. Aaaaand, Ben had school both the weekend before and the weekend after, so we weren't able to make plans. But I still felt (and still feel) horrible about it!

But, I was surprised with some very beautiful favorite, tulips!

So, I may have forgotten our anniversary (which I'm sure I'll never forget again thanks to reminders from friends and family, haha)...

...but not a day goes by that I don't think and remember how lucky I am and what a great husband and dad Ben is. Nothing makes me smile more than Aidyn and his daddy playing together and hearing them laugh at each other.

Wagon Ride'n

Back in the fall (or maybe last Spring, I can't remember)...our P.E. teacher at school asked if I'd be interested in a wagon that a parent had dropped off. She wasn't able to use it and so ofcourse I said, "Sure!" I got the wagon for a great deal and it is definately worth every penny. Many days we'll also taken Aidyn for a quick ride around the block, especially if he's fussy.

A quick ride can make anything better. ;)

Linear Trail Walk

Aidyn loves to go for walks in his stroller and wagon. In March, when the weather began having a few warm days, we'd taken Aidyn for a family stroll after school. Ben hadn't started back to football yet and so we were all able to be home by4pm most days. It was great.

As you can see, he also enjoys running around on his own. We're very lucky to have several churches with playgrounds, parks, and the Linear Trail within 1/2 a mile from our house to enjoy when the weather is nice.

Hmm...wonder what she got?

Unloading and putting away groceries can be a task in itself sometimes if it's just Aidyn and me. So, I sometimes will leave bags in the floor that are safe for him to "unpack" and play while I put things away. He loves to see what's in the bags.

"Ohhhh, I really like macaronni and cheese!"

Alive and Well

Yes, just wanted to let everyone know that I DO realize that it has been over a month since my last "round" of posts. :( We are all doing wonderful. Unfortunately, due to my teaching school, attending school, computer problems, and busy schedules with Ben back into football in the afternoons... time to sit down and freely "blog" have been few and far between. In the meantime, I have tried to upload current photos onto Facebook to try make up for my lack of dedication.

I'm on Spring Break this week and hope to get some posts up. Although, I do realize that they are going to be 2 months old.

Thanks for understanding and not beating me up too bad over it.