Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mickey Mouse!

The next morning, while I was fixing breakfast, I turned our TV onto Disney's playhouse cartoons for Aidyn. He doesn't really watch tv. Ours is so high for him, he doesn't pay much attention to it, which I really think is great. However, he will stop and watch it periodically. Mickey's Playhouse was coming on. He loves his Mickey books and music, so I thought he might enjoy the music on the cartoon. He did...just look at this face!

At first he was just watching and listening to the music, but once he saw Mickey...

...boy, was he excited! Check out that smile! He said, "aaaaaay" almost like he was saying, "Yay, Mickey!" He sat there for probably 5 minutes, which for him is a long time!

New PJs

Aidyn's friends, Aunt Brenda and his girlfriend Kayla came over a few weeks ago and brought him a few gifts for his birthday and Valentines Day.

The other night when he was wearing the cute monkey pajamas they got him, I decided to get a few pics of him playing before bed.
Besides his basketball ball, one of Aidyn's new favorite toys is cars...or anything with wheels. I found a 2 pack at Walmart for like $3! They do nothing fanfastic, but he loves them.

Not real sure what he's doing here, haha.

And ofcourse, his new favorite "trick" is talking on the phone...with anything. The other day when my parents were here, he even held a shoe up to his hear and started "talking". I guess anything will do when you have something important to say, ha.

And luckily, he's now learned to put the phone next to his ear, not the back of his head like he was doing for the longest time. He's so funny.

Isn't his face precious? This is one of my new favorite photos of him!

Up to No Good

Last Sunday, I heard Aidyn giggling in the laundry room. When I quietly made my way in there to see what he was doing, this is what I found...

What was he doing you ask?
He was throwing toys in the washer, shutting the door, giggling, and then standing at the door looking through the window at them. Then, he'd open the door, pull the toys out, and do the same thing over again. Sometimes he just makes me laugh. He was cracking up at himself. So cute.

More Snuggles with Daddy

That Saturday, I believe, ended up being one of the first Saturdays that Ben had to work "Saturday School" to make up for one of their snowdays. I'm not positive, but the following pictures are from the same day and he's awfully dressed up for a Saturday.

Either way, here are a few more cute pics of Aidyn and his daddy together.

Aidyn was so cute slouched down on the coach watching TV with his daddy, trying to "act" like him. Unfortunately, like most "great moments" we try catching, the moment Aidyn sees the camera he goes crazy trying to get to it. Oh well, ha.

13 Months Old

Aidyn turned 13 months old on Friday, February 26th. As I put these posts in order, you can now tell how truely far behind I am. Oooops.

Here are a few pictures from the next day, Saturday.

He's growing up so fast! If he could just reach those pedals, he'd be doing even better, hehe.


A couple weeks ago, a friend of ours (Tim) volunteered to do a CPR class at church for anyone interested, for free. Tim works for a local health department and teaches many of these classes as a part of his job. He taught about infants, children, and adults.

Ever since Aidyn was born (and his daughter, Laurel), we had discussed having such a class for those people who volunteer in the nursery, children's church, and anyone else interested such as Sunday School teachers, Bible School volunteers, grandparents, parents, friends, etc.

We had a pretty good turn out and decided to do the "class" on a Sunday afternoon. (Thanks, Tim!) So, after the class I had to run to the grocery store and my parents went back by the house to play with Aidyn. Ben bundled him up and they all went outside and enjoyed the beautiful sun together.

Checking out the tree stump...

...and the lawn mower, haha.

They took his 4-wheeler outside to see how he'd do in the grass. I'm not sure he played on it too long though.

Apparently he found a blue pool noodle somewhere. If that isn't what it is, I'm not sure. Strange.
And more attempt on the 4wheeler...

Beautiful, sunshiney day! The temperature day is supposed to be in the 60s, so when Ben and Aidyn get home we're either going to go walk the linear trail with Aidyn or go to the park. Not sure where we'll go yet, but I can't wait!

What Keys?

Ever since Ben got his new car (well, new to us), he hasn't put his house key on the ring with his car key. He somehow figures either I'll be home, I'll have mine, or if it's at night...I'll be home AND up. So wouldn't you know that we ended up locked out of the house a few weeks ago after church.

We have a futon upstairs in our office that we were moving to Ben's parents' house. His brother and a friend were meeting us at our house to help carry it downstairs and load into a truck to move. Unfortunately, when we got there...we had no key. Lovely!

So, what'd we do? Ben climbed through a window. The ONLY window we had unlocked in the entire house. Lucky for me, I had taken my camera to church that morning and had it handy just at the perfect time.

Now, I'd like to tell you that he now takes his house key when he leaves, but that'd be lying. He may, I don't know for sure...but I doubt it. ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Twice Baked Potatoes


Just ask Aidyn...

Yum! That was sooo good!

Happy Valentines Day!

Almost a month too late, ha.

Isn't he just the most handsome thing you've ever laid eyes on? He melts my heart daily. :)

Problem Solved!

Since Aidyn was determined to play on the steps, or die, we finally found a compromise. We now have a baby gate put up after 3 steps where there's a landing and turn before going upstairs. Now, Aidyn is allowed to play on 3 steps and can't make it up any higher. I believe he's only really wiped out (bad) about once or twice.

He's become GREAT at climbing down backwards and he's quickly become a professional and going up and down.

Thankfully, we now don't have that daily battle of telling him "no" repeatedly over and over again. He now can play but (hopefully) be safe at the same time.

He loves the steps and will spend a good length of time sitting there reading his books. I'm glad we were finally able to come up with a "safe" compromise for us all.

Cabin Fever

When the weather is too cold and nasty to get out, we sometimes find ourselves resorting to other forms of entertainment. Such as...

Playing in the stroller and watching basketball games from it...

Relaxing in the stroller as we take walks (around the house)...

Playing peek-a-boo in the stroller...

and taking more breaks to watch more basketball...

Whatever it takes, right?!

A few weeks ago, I decided to try and make Chicken-n-Dumplings for dinner. The dumplings didn't turn out as fluffy as I had hoped, but they were pretty good. Even Aidyn ate some for dinner that evening. Yuuum!

You'll notice his tray is empty...because as we continued to put food down for him to eat, he shoveled it in as though he'd never eaten in his life. What a piggie!

I'm not sure if most ended up in his tummy or on his face...hmmm.

"Ohhh, I'm sooo full! I think I ate too much."
Needless to say, the next stop was straight into the bathtub! :)


...and his blanket.

Aidyn LOVES his blanket. I forget who got it for us, but I'm pretty sure I've seen others like it at Walmart in the baby section. It's fuzzy and soft on one side and smooth and silky on the back. Everynight when Aidyn goes to bed, he takes his blanket.

And...he used to take it EVERYWHERE else too.

We eventually had to make "rule" that Aidyn's blanket is not allowed to leave the bedroom. And now, we've the done the same with his paci. We're working on weaning Aidyn from the paci except for bed, naps, and car rides. So far it's going great!

Snuggles with Daddy

Ben has been home MANY days this winter due to snow days and school being canceled. Not that I'm jealous (since for me, snow days mean making up days) has been nice the few days I've also gotten that we've all been able to be home together.

It's a wonderful feeling to watch Aidyn and his daddy play together, laugh, and giggle. They're so cute together!