Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick Update

Since my last post from Halloween, things have been a little busy, but I feel the need to do a quick update. Everyone I get online to check my Facebook (ofcourse I HAVE to do that), check for family pictures, email, school assignments, etc...I think, "I have GOT to up date our blog!" And ofcourse I don't because I know it'll take a little time and I always seem to have other more important things I feel I need to get done.


On October 26, Aidyn turned 9 months old. I hope to get his 9 month pictures and dr stats posted soon...hopefully before he turns 10 months old in just 2 short weeks. Ah!!!

We had our family pictures taken on Halloween morning. Jill posted our "sneak peek" today and I absolutely LOVE them! I'm not so crazy about our first "family" picture since the wind is blowing and my hair looks like crap, ha, but I'm in love with the rest. I hate to admit (but might as well) that I've probably gone back and looked at them 5 times today because I love them so much, haha. You can see them on Jill's blog at the right - Just Jill Photography.

Aidyn has also been sleeping ALLLLLLL night long since Halloween. At first I thought maybe he was just worn out that night. Then I thought it was just a fluke, and I told my mom that I was NOT posting or mentioning anything about it so I didn't jinx myself. Due to our crazy schedule and running around that weekend, he ended only eating every 4-5hrs instead of 3 like he seemed to be "stuck on". I decided to see if we could keep that schedule and he's doing AWESOME! He's now eating every 4-5 hrs and eating bigger bottles, so we're getting more in him. Yay!

I think that may be all...that I can think of right now. I hope to post some better, more detailed, posts soon!