Saturday, November 21, 2009

9 Month stats...

...almost 4 weeks late. Oops!

Aidyn was at the dr on Oct. 9th about a skin rash. At that visit, he weighed 19lbs. 3-4 days later he learned to crawl, good. So...2 weeks later at his 9 month check-up, his stats were:

Length: 28 in (40th %)
Head: 44.6cm (20th %)
Weight: 18.7 lb (20th %) only 2 weeks, thanks to crawling, he lost almost a pound. Now, I realize that a pound is nothing...but to me - that was a big change.

So there you have it, his 9 month stats only 5 days before he's 10 months. Better late that never, right? ;)

Just Aidyn

This will be my last picture post, I promise. Many of you, if you are family or one of my Facebook friends...then you've already seen these. But for other family and friends that don't use FB...these posts are for you.

Here are some of my favorites of Aidyn...

Thanks to Jill Lewis from Just-Jill Photography. If you live in the Tri-cities area (or close) and need a good photorapher...her blog is posted under my lists of favorites to the right. Check her out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Evely Family

Once again...a few of my favorite family shots. Even though it started to sprinkle after about 15-20 minutes, and then rain...we got some great shots. I love them!

I realize there are tons...but I swear these are only a FEW and it's just too hard to narrow down my favorites!

Happy Halloween, Charlie Brown!

We received our CD in the mail today from our family photo shoot that we had done Halloween morning. We had the first few done with Aidyn as Charlie Brown before we put his sweater on and did our family portraits. Here are my favorites...and yes, there were more. ;)

Doesn't he just melt your heart? His smiling face makes my day...and his giggles too!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, I must be REALLY tired.

I was excited to have a minute to update my blog, so I did. Ben walked into the office and I wanted to show when I pulled it up...I posted them on my other blog that I had to create for my class. GREAT!

So...for the time being...check out my latest posts here.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick Update

Since my last post from Halloween, things have been a little busy, but I feel the need to do a quick update. Everyone I get online to check my Facebook (ofcourse I HAVE to do that), check for family pictures, email, school assignments, etc...I think, "I have GOT to up date our blog!" And ofcourse I don't because I know it'll take a little time and I always seem to have other more important things I feel I need to get done.


On October 26, Aidyn turned 9 months old. I hope to get his 9 month pictures and dr stats posted soon...hopefully before he turns 10 months old in just 2 short weeks. Ah!!!

We had our family pictures taken on Halloween morning. Jill posted our "sneak peek" today and I absolutely LOVE them! I'm not so crazy about our first "family" picture since the wind is blowing and my hair looks like crap, ha, but I'm in love with the rest. I hate to admit (but might as well) that I've probably gone back and looked at them 5 times today because I love them so much, haha. You can see them on Jill's blog at the right - Just Jill Photography.

Aidyn has also been sleeping ALLLLLLL night long since Halloween. At first I thought maybe he was just worn out that night. Then I thought it was just a fluke, and I told my mom that I was NOT posting or mentioning anything about it so I didn't jinx myself. Due to our crazy schedule and running around that weekend, he ended only eating every 4-5hrs instead of 3 like he seemed to be "stuck on". I decided to see if we could keep that schedule and he's doing AWESOME! He's now eating every 4-5 hrs and eating bigger bottles, so we're getting more in him. Yay!

I think that may be all...that I can think of right now. I hope to post some better, more detailed, posts soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Introducing to You...

Charlie Brown (aka Aidyn) !

...(continued from my last blog)...

So, after our "mini-photo session" on Halloween morning, we headed back to Johnson City and stopped by the mall for some lunch. Ben was also on the hunt for a Snoopy doll. A friend of mine from work, Connie, collects Snoopys and actually let us borrow one. But, apparently that wasn't good enough for Ben...he wanted Aidyn to have his own. :) So we went by Hallmark Cards and sure enough they had one.

*Aidyn checking out Snoopy for the first time when we got home from the mall.

Then we returned home for a nice looong nap before beginning our Halloween "rounds". Originally, the plan was to start about 4pm. However, Aidyn had a plan of his own...and I'd have to say I didn't much mind. :) Ben fell asleep on the couch watching football not long after we got home. Aidyn laid down for his nap around 2-2:30pm, and I decided to lay down myself. I didn't wake up until Ben woke me up at 4:45pm! (aaaa, sleep!) We got ourselves ready and then Aidyn woke up around 5pm. He must've been exhasuted!

*All of these pictures posted are from my parents' house. This one is dark, but if you can see Aidyn's pouty'll crack you up! The little lip turned out and all. Ha!

We only went to 3-4 houses, but by the time we got home around 9:00pm...we were all pooped! I decided that Halloween is DEFINATELY much harder than Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. Atleast for those holidays, Ben and I only have 2-3 stops and that's usually over the course of 2 days. Needless to say, we ALL slept good that night. The extra hour of sleep was much needed and appreciated!
Sunday afternoon I sat down to look at my pictures and I realized what a TOTALLY TERRIBLE mother I am! I didn't take ONE SINGLE picture of Aidyn on his first Halloween in his first costume! Granted, both my mom and Ben's mom took enough for all of us...but still! I felt awful!

So, to "kinda" make up for that...I was sure to get Aidyn's picture with his first Jack-o-lantern in his fall sweater that we bought for our family portraits.

Can you tell that his pumpkin only has two bottom teeth....just like Aidyn???

Family Photos

Halloween was a VERY BUSY day for us this year! I can imagine that Halloween is very busy for most families, however...we started our day a little earlier than most this year.

For quite a while, Ben and I have been wanted to have some family pictures done. I found a local photographer (we actually know TONS of people, friends and family, that probably could have done this much cheaper)...but anyways. I found a local photographer through a previous co-worker and decided to contact her about doing a photo session. Her name is Jill Lewis. You can actually find her blog on the right side of the page in a list of other blogs I follow.

I had looked through other pictures she had done on Facebook and her blog. Ben and I both really liked them and decided to give her a try. Jill and I decided to meet on Halloween morning, at 10:00am, in Jonesborough (the oldest town in Tennessee). The forecast was calling for rain, but I was keeping my fingers crossed. We actually ended up with about 15-20 minutes of "good" weather and then the wind picked up and it started to sprinkle. We got another 10-15 minutes of pictures and then it really started to rain. There was one more shot that Jill really wanted to get, so we did one last shot and called it a day. Our session wasn't quite as long as we had hoped, but I hope she got some good pictures.

We did a few at first of Aidyn in his Charlie Brown costume, and then we quickly put his other clothes on. We were able to get several family I can't wait to see them. Jill said she's on a 2-week turn around right I'll let you guys know when our sneak peek is posted on her blog!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Picture Attempts

I had several "Baby's 1st Halloween" pictures I wanted to get of Aidyn this year. One with his shirt I bought and another with his bib his Nonnie bought him. However, like I said in of the last posts...getting Aidyn to sit still for a picture is now pointless. I tried the couch, rocking chair, table, floor, bumbo, etc, etc. NONE can hold him still anymore! We even tried his new carseat which is still in the dining room floor....nope, didn't work either. Here is what I was able to get.

I accidently loaded my pictures backwards. So, we'll start with Saturday.

Saturday: In his "Baby's 1st Halloween" bib

Friday evening before the football game: Orange onsie "Baby's 1st Halloween"

If you click on this first picture, you can REALLY see his bottom teeth!

If he isn't holding something in his hands to play with and distract him, he crawls away. But...then that means you can't see his shirt. :(

Oh well, so much for that idea! I can't even begin to imagine what Thanksgiving or Christmas are going to be like. He'll be climbing the tree before I even get the camera turned on I'm sure!
*More Halloween pictures to come, soon I hope.


Last Sunday, the youth group and the children's group all gathered together in our church Fellowship Hall to carve pumpkins. It was lots of fun!

All of the "little" kids lined up ready to carve their pumpkins!

Most everyone brought their own pumpkin and got to carve it as well. Some of the youth helped the younger kids with their pumpkins as they finished their own.
And ofcourse, one younger girl picked a VERY HARD design, so it took two of us to finish hers!
We also ordered pizza and cokes for dinner. What a great time together with all of the "kids", young and old!


Last week I bought pumpkins for us all (Ben, me, and Aidyn). In the "spirit" of Fall, I decided to try and get Aidyn's picture with the pumpkins. It didn't quite go as well as I had hoped.

The "task" of now getting him to sit still for any type of picture is pointless. He no longer knows what it means to be still. He did however manage to get a taste of the pumpkin stem. Mmmm!