Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Family Photos

Halloween was a VERY BUSY day for us this year! I can imagine that Halloween is very busy for most families, however...we started our day a little earlier than most this year.

For quite a while, Ben and I have been wanted to have some family pictures done. I found a local photographer (we actually know TONS of people, friends and family, that probably could have done this much cheaper)...but anyways. I found a local photographer through a previous co-worker and decided to contact her about doing a photo session. Her name is Jill Lewis. You can actually find her blog on the right side of the page in a list of other blogs I follow.

I had looked through other pictures she had done on Facebook and her blog. Ben and I both really liked them and decided to give her a try. Jill and I decided to meet on Halloween morning, at 10:00am, in Jonesborough (the oldest town in Tennessee). The forecast was calling for rain, but I was keeping my fingers crossed. We actually ended up with about 15-20 minutes of "good" weather and then the wind picked up and it started to sprinkle. We got another 10-15 minutes of pictures and then it really started to rain. There was one more shot that Jill really wanted to get, so we did one last shot and called it a day. Our session wasn't quite as long as we had hoped, but I hope she got some good pictures.

We did a few at first of Aidyn in his Charlie Brown costume, and then we quickly put his other clothes on. We were able to get several family I can't wait to see them. Jill said she's on a 2-week turn around right I'll let you guys know when our sneak peek is posted on her blog!