Friday, August 28, 2009

First Football Game

Last Friday night, Aidyn went to his first football game...the Unicoi County Blue Devil's High School football game. Ben, Aidyn's daddy, has always helped with the football and basketball programs in Unicoi Co (Erwin, TN).

This past year, the Devils got a new coach, Jerad. He is a great guy, a friend of ours, and also attends church with us. If you scroll down my blog a little ways, you'll see Aidyn in his cowboy "attire". He got that while at a birthday party for Lincoln, Jerad's son.

But anways. The staff and players have worked their tails off to try and turn the program around. They hadn't won a game since August 2007. Last week was their first game and everyone was pumped up and excited about it. Even Aidyn...

Luckily, we live right below the stadium. We literally walk through our backyard, through our neighbor's yard behind us, and we're there. My dad came over and went to game with us. This was our first time using our Baby Bjorn Backpack. Aidyn seemed to enjoy it ok, ha...he didn't complain, but he sure didn't look to comfortable. I think I need to tighten the straps on my shoulders and try to lower the part on his chest.

Aidyn enjoyed the players, all the action, everyone around him yelling, screaming, and clapping, and even the band. However, once halftime rolled around (at 9pm), he was more than ready for bed. So...we walked home and he went to bed.

Unfortunately, they lost that game. Everyone...the players, staff, parents, fans, friends, etc. was disappointed. But, the REDEEMED themselves tonight! They won their 2nd season game tonight 28-7. Yea!!!!!

Since I live so close, I just now watched the buses pull into the stadium escorted by police cars and flashing lights. From 2 streets away and windows closed, I could STILL here the boys hooting and hollering. I'm so happy for them...they deserve it! They've worked hard. Wish us (them) luck next week!