Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Boy Bath

I was talking to a friend from church on Sunday (we were actually at their house for our youth meeting) and telling her how we were planning on putting Aidyn into the actual tub for his bath that evening instead of his tub in the real tub.

We've been using his baby tub, but placing it in the actually bathtub because of the amount of water he likes to kick and splash. She was telling me about a "bath ring" that she had if we wanted to borrow it and use it. I remember using the same sort of thing when my brother and younger cousins were small. I said sure!

It's a little seat with suction cups on the bottom so stick to the tub. Then just 3 little "legs" that serve as the leg seperators...if that makes any sense. Aidyn REALLY seemed to love this! We filled the tub up with about 2-3 inches of water and then put him in. We left the water running to fill up at little more and he sat and played with the running water until we finally turned it off.

I knew if we kept letting it run, the ring would not do it's job and he'd topple over.
He loved his "big boy" bath! After I cleaned him all up and let him play, I picked up and had Ben take out the ring. Next, I just let him sit in the tub of water and play. He splashed and had a great time. He only fell over once that he actually got his face into the water. He couldn't figure out why his darn toys kept floating too far when he'd reach for them, he'd fall over.

I don't think I'll be sitting him in the tub without the ring for a while, unless ofcourse we're sitting there like lastnight. But...he definately enjoyed his new bath.

I can't wait to take him swimming and to the beach and lake next summer! I know he's definately going to love it!

Guns, Motorcyles, and Golf

....well, actually Putt-Putt.

This past Saturday, we our youth group from church over to our house for dinner. We had planned to go out to eat and then play Putt-Putt. Unforunately, the weather didn't seem to be cooperating. Since I had a turkey in the fridge that HAD to be cooked, we ended up cooking dinner for them instead of going out. (MUCH cheaper by the way!) We had an early "mini" Thanksgiving dinner...turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, and peanut butter pie. Yum!

Afterwards, since it was raining, we went to a play called Fun Expedition. They have indoor/outdoor go-carts, bumber cars, laser tag, indoor Putt-Putt, batting cages, mini-bowling, a rock climbing wall, arcade and more. This worked out pretty well since we didn't have to worry about the weather.

Since we were taking Aidyn, we decided to take the Baby Bjorn backpack. Here are just a few pics of Aidyn enjoying his first trip to Fun Expedition.

"Here we go!"

Aidyn learning to shoot guns...great.
Driving the motorcyle with his daddy...nothing like an early start!

Every time Ben would bend over to putt the ball, Aidyn would get so exicted that he'd begin kicking and "jumping" like crazy. I think Ben's thighs were totally bruised after 18 holes. It was halarious!

We had a good time and Aidyn enjoyed all of the new sights, sounds, and people. He did really well in the backpack and didn't get fussy or complain until the very end of the night. I was very proud of him!

Christmas in...


Apparently Aidyn found the wrapping paper the other day and decided he'd rather unroll it and crumple it all up instead of play with his toys.

That seems to be his newest favorite toy...paper and magazines. It's definately cheaper than buying actual toys, and easier to clean up as well (throw away!). I just hope he doesn't eat it like he tried doing at church on Sunday. Oooops!


Even though my mom has given Aidyn some bananas once or twice, we tried them at home for the first time this past weekend. Aidyn was not real sure what to think.

We have tried them a few times since, but I'm beginning to think he isn't too fond of them... just like his mother. For whatever reason, I cannot stand the taste or even smell of bananas. I try smiling making "happy" faces when I feed him, but I don't think I'm too convincing. Oh well.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Aidyn is 7 months old and still not crawling.

He has learned how to lay on his tummy, spin himself around to get facing the the direction he wants, and then he squirms and rolls until he gets where he needs to be.

He wants too bad to crawl, I think by watching this video, but he always plops to his tummy and kicks as though he's trying to go swimming. I'm hoping (even though I'll probably be regetting my words, hahaha) that he's crawling by the end of September. We'll see!


I'm such a terrible mother!

Alllllllll week I've thought, "Oh, I can't wait until Thursday. Thursday will be Aidyn's 7-month birthday." And would you was Wednesday! I already didn't realize I had the wrote date in mind. How terrible is that?!?!?!

I guess as long as I don't forget his "real" birthday I'll be alright...right?
So, here's his "7-month" birthday shot...2 days late. Doesn't he look so big??? He's all grown up like a big boy!

And check out those chunky legs...

There are days when I feel like he just doesn't eat enough. And then I see pictures like this and figure he's must be doing ok. :)

Sour...but good!

Aidyn has now been eating veggies for several weeks. He eats butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and green beans. I recently fed him some of my baked potato (plain pieces close to the skin with no salt, butter, or cheese) and he loved it! Last weekend, we started fruits. I decided to start with apples since the dr recommended feeding him applesauce when he had his sore throat a few weeks back.

He loves the apples. At first, I didn't start my video (like I always do for his "firsts"...Ben makes fun of me). But after the faces he was making, a picture just wasn't going to be worthy. He cracks me up...and still, a week later, he is doing the same thing. It's like he can't get the apples quick enough, but then it's so tart or sour, he smacks his lips and gums together. Hahahaha, he' so funny!

New Play Pen

Now that Aidyn can sit up on his own for quite a good while without falling over, I started just sitting him the floor with some toys to play if I'm in the office or downstairs in the kitchen.

The other night, while I was trying to laundry and start dinner, he kept trying to lay down in the kitchen floor...and then he got annoyed. Finally, I picked him up and put him in the empty clothes basket. It worked perfect!

I added a few toys and things for him to play with...and he occupied himself for almost 20 minutes while I got dinner going and folded a few clothes.

Unfortunately, I turned around to check on him at the end and he had managed to pull himself up on the side and was sitting on his knees ROCKING the basket. I was SOOOOO glad I had turned around when I did. I'm not sure how much longer he would have made it before tipping it over and smashing into the tile floor face first! I never would have let myself live that down...

What bath?

After giving Aidyn is Saturday bath last weekend, it was time for his bedtime bottle. He took his bath, got a clean diaper and fresh "jammies" on, and sucked the bottom out of his bottle. So, I thought, he must sitll be hungry. Maybe he'll eat some cereal or veggies. I decided on veggies. Not sure why...

Luckily, I had his sleeves rolled up and a BIG bib on him. Thank goodness I was able to take the bib off, wash his face, and put him to bed nice and clean. Whew!

First Football Game

Last Friday night, Aidyn went to his first football game...the Unicoi County Blue Devil's High School football game. Ben, Aidyn's daddy, has always helped with the football and basketball programs in Unicoi Co (Erwin, TN).

This past year, the Devils got a new coach, Jerad. He is a great guy, a friend of ours, and also attends church with us. If you scroll down my blog a little ways, you'll see Aidyn in his cowboy "attire". He got that while at a birthday party for Lincoln, Jerad's son.

But anways. The staff and players have worked their tails off to try and turn the program around. They hadn't won a game since August 2007. Last week was their first game and everyone was pumped up and excited about it. Even Aidyn...

Luckily, we live right below the stadium. We literally walk through our backyard, through our neighbor's yard behind us, and we're there. My dad came over and went to game with us. This was our first time using our Baby Bjorn Backpack. Aidyn seemed to enjoy it ok, ha...he didn't complain, but he sure didn't look to comfortable. I think I need to tighten the straps on my shoulders and try to lower the part on his chest.

Aidyn enjoyed the players, all the action, everyone around him yelling, screaming, and clapping, and even the band. However, once halftime rolled around (at 9pm), he was more than ready for bed. So...we walked home and he went to bed.

Unfortunately, they lost that game. Everyone...the players, staff, parents, fans, friends, etc. was disappointed. But, the REDEEMED themselves tonight! They won their 2nd season game tonight 28-7. Yea!!!!!

Since I live so close, I just now watched the buses pull into the stadium escorted by police cars and flashing lights. From 2 streets away and windows closed, I could STILL here the boys hooting and hollering. I'm so happy for them...they deserve it! They've worked hard. Wish us (them) luck next week!

Play Mat

If you've been following my blog for a while...(since before Aidyn was born) may remember a post about one of my showers. My mom made Aidyn a baby blanket to play on. It's a football stadium and field. The players are all pictures of Ben. Ben played in high school. So she took a picture of a home game and copied enough to make all the players on the offense. Then she took a picture of Ben at an away game and copied it enough to make the opposing team. Next, she took pictures of me in a cheerleading Halloween costume, and made enough copies to have cheerleaders.

Isn't she creative?

Well, it's been at our house folded up in the office since Aidyn was born. And HONESTLY (really, Mom!) we kept forgetting it was up here. So, the other night while she kept Aidyn for us at our house, she got it out and let him play on it.
We now placed it in his room where he plays on it daily!
"Thank you, Mom-mom! I love my blanket thiiiiiiiiiiiis much!"


The other night, I was eating dinner at my mother-in-law's and Aidyn was getting fussy. All he wants to do lately is chew on EVERYTHING. We keep thinking he's going to be getting a tooth soon...but we've been thinking that way for atleast 2 months now.

She decided to cool off a piece of corn-on-the-cob and give it to him. Now...I know that babies aren't supposed to eat corn because it takes a while to digest. Be assured that he didn't actually eat any of it, he just chewed on it with his gums.

He seemed to really like it. Several people, that I've talked to since, has suggested next time just giving him mine after I finish it and then we can be sure he won't actually get any of it. Great idea!

It's Me Again

....back to the doctor.

On Wednesday evening, August 12th, we were at church sorting a mountain of school supplies that had been donated by our church members. That following Saturday, August 15th, we were having a free community movie night and giving away school supplies to all students (2yrs-college).

Aidyn was getting fussy, so we decided to put his shoes on him and let him play in the church walker. At that time, he didn't have socks or anything on....and his feet looked fine. This was probably around 7:30pm.

The next day, Thursday, August 13th, when I picked Aidyn up from my mother-in-law's...his feet were covered in little blisters that almost looked like big misquitoe bites. Well, until you saw his left foot and noticed that it was a straight line like a burn. Weird! He had gone to bed Wednesday night with socks on. (Since he always ends up kicking his blanket off, I like to put to bed in footed PJs or socks.) So anyways, I didn't think to check his feet Thursday morning. I just left the socks on and sent him on his way.

Apparently, late that afternoon, when the babysitter took his socks off so that he could get some traction when playing at her house in the walker, she noticed the spots also. She thought bug bites as well...until she pulled the other sock off and saw the stripe. Then she also thought burn.

I ended up calling the dr and they were able to fit us into a "walk-in" appointment at 7:00pm. Great, I guess. We only waited about 15 minutes in the waiting room, since I was early, and that was just enough time for Aidyn to eat his bottle. However...since there is only 1 dr oncall in the evenings, it takes forever to be seen. Aidyn was WONDERFUL in the little room while he waited. We played with everything in his diaper bag and my purse. We played with all of the books and magazines in the room. He ate his squash, ha (anything to keep him occupied). We played with the you'll see. And after waiting in that room for an HOUR, and no fussing at all, he began to get annoyed.

As you can tell, he wasn't hurting or bothered by the "blisters". And he definately was having fun when I pulled the camera out to play. He knows what to do as soon as you hold it up! hahaha

Luckily, we knew the nurse working that night (her son attends our youth group) and she allowed us to go back out into the waiting room and roam the halls. By this time it was 8:15pm and the only people out there were the janitors. It was almost our turn, and so when it was, the dr came and got us. I was glad they let us walk around. He had been so good.

But, to make a LONG story short, we never came to any conclusion of what the spots were on his feet. He isn't walking, so he didn't step on anything. He isn't EVER near anything hot to be burned...and if he was, wouldn't he have screamed and cried? It wasn't anything from a bath because it was Thursday night and we had forgotten his Wednesday night he hadn't bathed since Saturday. (Terrible parents, I know! ha) And it wasn't new laudry detergent because we also hadn't dont laundry in over a week, haha. It's a wonder he wasn't nasty when we went, haha.

The dr was just as a baffled as we were. But, she ended up giving us this ointment-like cream to put on his feet twice a day. By the next morning, the spots were clearing up already. Within a week, they had totally cleared except for a small dot (like a zit) on the bottom, but it was clear. Strange. The spots are completely gone now and we still have no idea what it was.

Due to his skin, not eating, and feet...that was our 4th appointment within 3 weeks. Luckily, that has been 2 weeks and we haven't been back yet. Although, we do go for his dermatologist appointment this coming Thursday about his skin. Hopefully (like I keep saying) I'll remember to take some pictures before we go.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's about Time!

Here you go....

For all you that have been checking and wondering...I FINALLY got my blog updated. It's definately much SHORTER than normal, but short and sweet is good. Right??? Not as much for me to type and you to read! ha

I started back to work last week (teaching 3rd grade). Getting up at 5:30am and then not getting up until close to that time has been a real killer! It's funny how with each "stage" in my life, I become more appreciative of others that have gone before me. Sometimes I just don't know how people to do it. What on earth will I think when I have teenagers? Aaahhhhhhh!

So, read, watch, look, and enjoy my updated pictures and events....even though they are much shorter than they normally would be.

*Quick update about Aidyn's skin:
We finally got our dermatologist referral appointment set for September 3rd. Wouldn't you know that his spot on his stomach is almost gone, one on his back almost gone, and the other 2 starting to look somewhat better. My luck, they'll probably clear up before our appointment and then come back afterwards. I keep meaning to take pics but haven't. Sorry. :(

Show Off

Aidyn has finally learned that he loves the camera, for whatever reason I'm not sure. I don't know if it's because of the silver shine it gives off, the bright lights, the fact that everytime I pick it up someone is making silly faces at him or what. But...regardless...he gets so excited when he sees it that he starts to smile - like he knows that's what he's supposed to do.

My parents came by tonight and I was showing them how he loved the camera. As soon as I picked it up, this is the reaction we got.

Can you see him starting to smile? He's so silly!


Did you know that Aidyn is reading already?

He is!!!! See....

...just like his daddy! :) He actually was just crumpling it up and tearing it into tons of pieces. But we won't tell anybody that part. :)

Rubber Duckies

I couldn't resist these mini-rubber duckies at BabyRus the other day.

Aren't they cute? Basketball, football, and baseball. Ofcourse, Ben liked them. ;)

And ofcourse Aidyn still loves his bath and all his new bath toys he gets to play with. I also bought him some bath-time finger puppets. Ben or I neither one use them as finger puppets. But, they're soft like a wash cloth and so Aidyn loves playin with them as well. As you can see, he really likes to chew on his octopus puppet.

I hope he always loves his baths! I normally wash him up and then just let him sit and play for a few minutes. What a cutie!

Stick 'em Up!

Aidyn went to a birthday party (cowboy themed) this weekend for our friend Lincoln. He turned 2 years old and is obsessed with cowboys. His dad works with Ben and is the new football coach for the varisty team here in Erwin where we live. His parents also attend church with us.

But anyhow, all of the kids got to take home a cowboy hat and water gun. Ofcourse, I couldn't resist a picture when we got home of Aidyn all dressed up, haha.

He actually just has the hat on, but he's pretty handsome, huh? hahahahahahaha This picture just makes me crack up. Love him!

"On the roll again..."

...Aidyn just can't wait to roll again!

Instead of crawling, I think Aidyn's decided he just wants to roll to get where he needs to be.

*Sorry for the glare down the middle*

He cracks me up doing this, but I sure hope he learns to crawl soon! Meg (who I only know through can find her blog under my blog list on the right)...her son, Dominick, is only 3 days older than Aidyn has been crawling for like 2 weeks now. Aaaaand, he has 2 teeth! I am so jealous!

I definately don't want to "wish away" the time, becaus Aidyn is growing up too fast already, but I'm so jealous he isn't crawling or displaying any teeth yet. ;)

Green Beans

Aidyn moved on to another green beans. He seemed to REALLY love them! After trying Gerber beans for several days, my grandmother called to see if I wanted some from her garden for Aidyn. Ofcourse I said sure!

Well, this video is his Gerber beans. After picking, stringing, breaking, and cooking some fresh from the garden green beans...wouldn't you know he won't eat them! I'm ready to kill him, haha. I LOVE fresh out of the garden beans. I ate 2 bowls and pureed the rest for Aidyn. Now what am I going to do with them? ;)

My 2nd Family

Every year, our school system has a huge system-wide inservice the day before school starts back. And....each year some of the schools do something goofy. Usually, that means the staff all wear something silly, do a silly dance or cheer for the principal, or you can just imagine. This year, since we are currently in the process of having a new school building built, we wore construction hats.

The "only" problem was this...haha...we had hats from 2 companies but wanted a picture for each. So, I had the "smart idea" of having everyone turn them around backwards so we could just take one large picture to send a thank you note to each company. My idea stunk and this is how our picture turned out. At least we tried...

No no!

Aidyn LOVES to roll his stroller! Here is a picture of his new latest skill...

He's fine as long as we're moving. But once you stop, it's like he thinks he's supposed to be going somewhere of his own. I haven't yet figure out how to tighten the straps on his stroller, and so we have used them (or needed them) until now. I need to figure that out quickly! The last thing I need is Aidyn "crawling" out the bottom of his stroller!

Feel'n Better Already

After taking Aidyn to the dr 2 weeks ago for not eating, he slowly began to feel better again. Here he is playing in his bouncer just a few days later. Can you tell he was beginning to feel much better?

He likes for people to sit infront of him while he bounces so he can "talk and play" with them. However, as you'll notice...a few minutes is all I can take before I usually feel like I'm going to be sick. I've yet to figure out what keeps him from making himself sick. :)

Are you sick yet?

Where is Everybody?

Aidyn was napping in his pack and play the other day, like usual. However, this time...after waking up, he somehow managed to grab ahold of the side and pull himself up to the sitting position. It's like he was trying to figure out where everyone went.

Couldn't you just eat him up? Love that face!!!